When the Royal Wedding traditions were broken

When the Royal Wedding traditions were broken

June 2, 2018 1 By Tech Junkie

The Royal Wedding 2018

Not just the talk of their town, but of every town in every country, The Royal Wedding 2018 was something that everyone had been looking forward to. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle went against multiple traditions, and at the same time, held onto some for their wedding on the 19th of May, 2018, in St. George’s Chapel, Windsor.

Here are some quick pointers talking about how the norms of the royal tradition were broken at the Royal Wedding 2018. –

Meghan is the oldest bride in the British Royalty

Meghan is 36 year old which makes her the oldest newlywed of the entire family. She is three years older than Harry (33 y/o). Before her, Kate was the oldest one with the age. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle became the sixteenth royal couple to celebrate their marriage at Windsor Castle.

The not-so-ordinary Engagement Ring

Royal Wedding ring ceremonyThe ring that Meghan got in engagement has been designed by Harry himself. He arranged the diamond from Botswana and 2 Diana’s gems for his beautiful bride.There is a cult that men in the Royal Family do not wear a Wedding ring, but Prince Harry wore one. His ring was made of Platinum, again breaking the conventional idea of wearing Gold.

Bride accompanied not by her father, but father-in-law

The Royal Wedding 2018Meghan’s father, Thomas Markle, could not attend his daughter’s wedding due to ill health. That is why Prince Charles accompanied Meghan to the nave of the of St George’s Chapel to fill the void of the real father.

The Bishop was an Afro-American

It was a decision of Harry and Meghan for an American Pastor Michael Curry to address the Royal wedding. This was a major break from the old tradition. He delivered a speech in which he quoted Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King.

Meghan delivered a speech at her reception

Going beyond the old tradition, Meghan Markle gave a speech at Frogmore House, which had only 200 guests.

A new variety of cake

Royal Wedding 2018 cakeIt’s a royal tradition that the cake of an auspicious occasion has to be a fruitcake. An elaborate fruit cake symbolizes luxury, prosperity, grandeur, and richness. Harry and Meghan defying old tradition made sure their wedding cake was ‘Elderflower cake’. It was indeed a very lavish cake but a different one.

The new music

Refuting to the old cult of music at the royal wedding i.e. the traditional instrumental music, the couple rather chose the music of their own preference. Some selected some tracks and played for their nuptials

The displaced First Kiss

The first kiss had always taken place on the balcony but this time it did not happen. The first royal kiss took place outside St. George’s Chapel.

Rejecting the impractical norms

The couple wanted to forgo any traditional presents and instead encouraged in favor of donations to multiple charity causes. Also, Markle decided not to choose adult bridesmaids for her wedding and stuck to her godchildren and the royal children for the ceremony


So,these are some of the observations made by me. Comment down below if you also noticed something different or unique in this royal wedding.

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