Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

Today we deep dive into one of the most shockingly controversial matters tom and I have ever blanketed on the Podcast.

What goes thru the thought of a Nail Tech when they suppose about elevating the fee of their services?

It triggers rage, frustration, and possibly even a little fear for some. For others, it empowers, boosts self-belief, and cues the fist pump….a little pride. We’re questioning the place do you stand on the issue?

We obtain poor and indignant feedback calling us out as loopy or out of touch. Some name us thieves. We suppose not.

We don’t simply pull random hints out of thin air, leaving you to take a look at them out on your own. We’ve received a wholesome quantity of enterprise ride beneath our belts to understand what certainly works. We don’t even take it in my view when you query our recommendations. (Maybe Tracey winces simply a little bit.) We welcome it. It provides us a threat to test in with our prosperous neighborhood of dipping powder nails nail techs throughout you. S. and get their feedback.

Here it is. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. DDU believes in nail techs of all journey backgrounds. We motivate you to elevate your expenditures because: Out of all the jobs in the world, you have chosen a profession in nails. Clap clap…you, sensible you!

You are skilled. You are creative. You have an extremely good work ethic. You are your very own boss. You like selecting your personal hours.

So why wouldn’t you pick when to stage up and provide yourself a raise? Stop right here and take a few breaths to sincerely assume about it. Where does the resistance come from? Are you scared to lose clients? Why? Don’t you suppose you’re well worth it? Are you sweating the competition? Don’t even assume about them.  Push up in opposition to it. Are your abilities no longer up to the charge hike? Then there’s a region for professional growth. Set goals. Work on it.

But if you’ve been charging equal expenses considering you started, you are sincerely NOT giving yourself the credit score you deserve. We are aware that you are now not paying $50 for a reduction and color. Forget a balayage for below $100. So hop to it.

Visualize this, what would a $5 fee amplify per provider seem to be like? Over the subsequent year, that ought to suggest more $5000- $7000 in your pocket. What about a $10 charge increase? It should be the quantity to a serious holiday slush fund.

We’re simply asking you to provide it a try. To us, your time and Genius are really worth it. You’re already the actual deal.

Believe in yourself. Be confident. Be brave. Have healthful self-respect. Be You. Set up a pricing mechanism that is trustworthy and fair, one that values your skills.

We promise the consumers will follow.

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