Riverdale: Is Jughead Jones dead?

Riverdale: Is Jughead Jones dead?

May 11, 2018 2 By Tech Junkie


Is Jughead Dead?
The last episode (the judgement day) of Rivedale showcasing the death of Jughead Jones (or not) disturbed a lot of viewers. We are equally disturbed with the revelation but we find the event of death of Jughead as an uncertain one. There is no actual proof or a conclusion of his death. All what we are acquainted with is the lifeless body of Jughead Jones in the hands of Father, FP Jones. The viewers are not sure if he is unconscious or dead.
The reasons why Jughead cannot be dead :

1. Jughead is the narrator of the story

Go through the first episode of Riverdale, the very beginning of the series has Jug occupying the role of the narrator and giving a brief overview of Riverdale and what happens there. Te question arises how can a narrator of a story ever die? If the narrator dies, the story comes to an end at that very point because the story comes from their vision.
There is also this theory that Riverdale is the fictional novel that is being written by Jughead.

The release of the 3rd season of Riverdale is already in news and if the death of Jughead Jones is true, the story should have ended then and there.
The narrator cannot die.
Therefore, Jughead is not dead.

2. The poster of Season 3 already features Jughead Jones. How can he be dead?

As you can see the poster given below it has our very own Jughead jones. He is not dead at all. Riverdale is nothing without Jughead. He was and he will always be.
The poster is a featuring our favorite Bughead. The love story continues…

3. The twitter post by Cole Sprouse

We all know what a mock Cole Sprouse is!
His sense of humor and joking skills are always on fleek. The post on twitter adds to the confusion about Jughead’s death. His post gives a sense that his role in the series is over. But if it was over the post would have been a little more transparent in its meaning. ‘Grateful, thank you #riverdale’ does not really confirm his end of role.

Let’s not forget how Cute and Adorable Cole Sprouse is. His major fan following is not a matter of secret at all, girls are crazy about him. If he is dead, the TRP of the show will face an irrevocable and a massive loss. The show will lose its traction for sure.




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