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Reasons to Migrate from SharePoint On-premise to Online

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SharePoint Online is the most advanced step in the development of businesses that offers even more functionality, adaptability, and value to the workforce. Migrating your intranet to the cloud is not an easy process. Although SharePoint Migration to the online version allows you to keep confidential data and custom functions in SharePoint on-premises while migrating the rest to the cloud. Microsoft provides SharePoint Online as a stand-alone application or as a component of the Office 365 suite. Integrate with both Microsoft and third-party applications become easier with SharePoint Online’s cloud deployment.

Here are the benefits of SharePoint On-premise vs Online to help you understand better:

Value for money

Managing on-premise servers results in heavy pressure on IT resources and staff. Migration to SharePoint online frees that time and funds for more essential operations. Your IT team will be able to drive the business instead of endlessly maintaining defined technologies. And your intranet will be able to deliver more for less.

No worries about the discontinuation

One of the significant advantages of SharePoint Online vs on-premise is eliminating the need to upgrade the software. Microsoft’s discontinuation for services is always hovering over your on-premise SharePoint servers. 

SharePoint Online, on the contrary, provides automated updates for the user which would not affect any customization to your SharePoint sites but keep the system is up-to-date and stable.

Collaborating remotely

SharePoint Online sites are also supported on mobile designs. That indicates that your employees can now operate SharePoint sites on their smartphones from any place with an internet connection.

To sum up, irrespective of where they are, SharePoint Online allows users to work on the tools they want to collaborate efficiently. SharePoint can also be used on a Hosted Virtual Desktop for better accessibility.

Advanced online functionalities

SharePoint Online gets all the new updates for functionalities before the on-premise version.

Some of the most beneficial SharePoint online features are:

  • Delve: a collaboration tool that enables co-workers to organize, edit, and share documents.
  • Microsoft Graph: a database for gathering data on user activity and identity.
  • Power Automate: create time-saving workflows for specific activities and large-scale operations.
  • Power Apps: create and share low-code applications to improve business operations.

Control access more efficiently

SharePoint Online makes it much simpler to allow external user access as compared to the on-premise version. If any user has a Microsoft account linked to their business email address, you can directly share SharePoint data with them.

The function to generate Guest Links for users outside your business is also available. You determine the level of authorization i.e., Read or Edit. And can remove the authorization as and when required.

Increased software security

At first sight, it might appear that on-premises systems are more protected than the cloud. But actually, both deployment models are equally exposed if the accountable IT department for it makes an error.

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