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Are you thinking of selling or renting your property? Cooperation with a real estate agency will bring you certain benefits. Real estate agents in Calgary will save you a lot of time, work and doubts, whether it is a decent buyer.

Many people are not aware of the specific benefits of working with a real estate agency in Calgary when selling or rent back agreement. First of all, the expertise of a real estate agency in a given field with knowledge of a given real estate market, including all its risks and advantages, is important. The real estate agency is an assistant in the sale or rental of real estate, and it also brings many benefits to both parties, ie the property owner, buyer or tenant.

4 main advantages of cooperation with a Real Estate Agency

A quality real estate agent in Calgary has excellent persuasion and business skills. They will advise you on what strategy and tactics to choose, how to negotiate with the buyer, and they will also advise you on when to accept the proposed discount or when to wait for other interested parties.

Price guarantee

The realtor is able to argue and maintain the purchase price of the property in Calgary. With market knowledge, excellent persuasion and business skills, you can be sure that your property will be sold at the best possible price.

price guarantee real estate

Save your energy, time and money

A capable real estate agency in Calgary will save you a lot of energy, time and your finances. The real estate agent will represent you at the authorities; arrange energy transfers, expert opinions, tax returns, etc. It will also arrange and carry out inspections of the property with proven applicants without your necessary participation.

Save your energy, time and money

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Finding a fair, solvent and creditworthy buyer or tenant

Real estate agents invest many times more in the promotion for Calgary houses for sale than you are likely to be able to invest. They will reach many times more potential clients and are therefore more likely to find a solid buyer who is able to accept the highest possible price.

Finding a fair, solvent and creditworthy buyer or tenant

Higher security

A professional real estate agency works with experts to provide you with the best possible service. These are, for example, notaries, lawyers, etc. Thanks to this, it will help you with the elaboration of comprehensive contractual documentation – reservation contracts, contracts for future purchase / lease contracts, purchase / lease contracts. It will also help you with the safekeeping of the purchase price, the submission of a proposal for the deposit of the transfer of ownership to the relevant cadastral office and other acts related to the sale or purchase of real estate.

How you can benefit from hiring a realtor?

In such a case while buying or selling your property, you often visit the Calgary MLS service or contact the nearest real estate agency or have them recommended to friends. The real estate agency will explain its procedure, both parties will usually agree on a contract on how the whole process will take place, what will be expected from the owner and the real estate agency and what will be the reward for the work performed.

The commission from a closed trade is either a pre-agreed fixed amount or a percentage of the achieved purchase price. The realtor will take photos of the property, ensure the advertisement, select the interested party, arrange inspections and if both parties agree, a trade will take place.

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