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Divorce is hard to go through. It tastes everyone’s patience, especially if kids are involved.  One of the finest things you can do for your mental health is to choose a divorce attorney Mt Pleasant, SC, who can easily lead and guide you while considering all the long-term legal and financial effects on your behalf.

But choosing a lawyer is not a joke. They are responsible for representing you in court. So, when you go for the initial meeting, always ask them some important questions. 

Q1. How often do divorces get settled without going to court? 

Sometimes, you just can’t avoid going to court for your divorce. But when this happens, it generally means that your divorce case will take longer and cost you more money.

It is good to work out a divorce deal without going to court. In general, this means that you and your ex might be able to work out your differences without going to court.

Most of the time, it’s a good sign if a divorce lawyer has a good track record of settling divorce cases without getting to court.

Q2. How do you feel about divorces that are done together? 

In a collaborative divorce, the two people who used to be married work together instead of against each other to find the finest solution to their problems and keep a good relationship.

Even though the joint method may not always be good, you should still talk to your divorce lawyer about it if you want to stay on good terms with your ex.

Q3. Do you know my partner or their attorney?

In general, you want a divorce lawyer to look out for your finest interests without favouring your ex. Ensure that the lawyer you choose doesn’t know any other people in the case.

Q4. How well do you know the judges in the family court in your area?

Look for a divorce lawyer with a lot of experience working in the family court in your area. Especially look for a lawyer who knows how the judges in your area like to rule. It could help you a lot in your case. Your case may be presented differently if, for example, your lawyer knows from past cases that a certain court is stricter when making custody decisions.

Q5. How have you dealt with divorces where LGBTQ people were involved?

If you are not in a straight or straight-passing marriage, finding a  divorce attorney in Mt Pleasant, SC, who has experience with same-sex marriage might be a good idea. And for your mental health, you might do better to look for a lawyer known to support LGBTQ people actively. 

Q6. Do you usually prefer going to trial, settlement, or negotiations?

As they already said, going to trial is usually a long process. The most important thing for you to do is ensure you and your divorce lawyer agree on everything. If you want to try a settlement and talk things out, but your divorce lawyer seems set on going to court, you will likely disagree and work against each other. It may be better to find a lawyer whose approach aligns more with what you want.


Every divorce has to do with money in some way, whether figuring out the value of a business or how much to pay for child support. If you want to ensure you get the good result, ensure your divorce lawyer has a lot of experience with these kinds of cases, like divorce attorneys Mt Pleasant, SC. So, ask questions and do not stop until you are confident about their performance. 

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