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Quant Mutual Fund

Introduction To Quant Mutual Fund

Quant Mutual Fund is a  young mutual fund firm. In 2018, Quant Capital purchased Escorts Mutual Fund, resulting in the formation of the company. At the time, Escorts Mutual Fund only managed approximately Rs. 200 crores of investor funds (AUM or assets under management).

Since then, Quant Mutual Fund’s new administration has made significant changes to the investment process and employees. And the results of these reforms are already apparent in AUM expansion and fund performance.

Quant Mutual Fund managed approximately Rs. 130 crores in assets as of March 2020. The AUM of the fund house, however, has multiplied by more than 35 to reach over Rs. 5,000 crores.

Key Information

Quant Mutual Fund is the top-performing fund in various categories in 2022. According to AMFI data,  Quant Mid Cap Fund, Quant Small Cap Fund, Quant Large & Mid Cap Fund, and Quant Active Fund have beaten their respective benchmarks and rank among the top five funds in their respective categories (as per the 5-year return)

Best Schemes of Quant Mutual Funds in India (as per 5-year return)


Scheme 5-Year Return AUM(INR)(Cr)
  1. Quant Tax Plan (ELSS)
22.02% 1,504.72
  1. Quant Liquid Plan (Debt Fund)
5.93% 678.72
  1. Quant Absolute Fund (Hybrid Fund)
18.42% 476.67
  1. Quant Multi Asset Fund (Hybrid Fund)
17.82% 327.85
  1. Quant Active Fund (Multi-Cap Fund)
21.54% 2,516.70
  1. Quant Small Cap Fund
20.48% 1,843.73
  1. Quant Focused Fund (Focused Fund)
14.20% 105.4
  1. Quant Mid-Cap Fund
20.31% 600.38
  1. Quant Large Cap Mid Cap
13.72% 178.54
  1. Quant Infrastructure Fund (Sectoral Fund)
22.63% 593.76
  1. Quant Flexicap Fund (Flexicap Fund)
17.12% 449.11

Key information

Quant Mutual Fund is the top-performing fund in various categories in 2022. According to AMFI data,  Quant Mid Cap Fund, Quant Large & Mid Cap Fund, and Quant Active Fund have beaten their respective benchmarks and rank among the top five funds in their respective categories.

Why To Invest With Kuvera?

  • Kuvera is safe to use as it is a RIA (Registered Investment Advisor) with SEBI, further establishing its authenticity. To protect the user account, Kuvera encrypts user data and includes session timeouts, firewalls, and PIN unlocks.
  • Kuvera aids and handles fund selection, goal planning, tax optimization, and rebalancing in a transparent and objective manner for its customers.
  • Above all, Kuvera is commission-free mutual fund investment platform and does not charge users any fees on their direct mutual fund plans, regardless of the value of their assets; only the transaction fees assessed by asset management businesses are charged. 

How Can You Invest In Quant Mutual Funds?

Through Kuvera, you can invest in direct mutual fund plans without paying commissions. It is the perfect platform for investing in mutual funds because it is completely free and assists you in locating the ideal investment for your life goals. 

To invest in mutual funds via Kuvera, follow the given steps:

Step 1: Sign up at 

Step 2: Complete the KYC requirements and link your bank account.

Step 3: Click on MF in the Explore section to choose mutual funds for investment. 

Click here to buy Quant Mutual Fund online.

Top Quant Mutual Fund Managers

  1. Ankit Pande

Ankit has over a decade of expertise in Indian stocks and is a top-rated money manager in the mutual fund industry, having begun his career with Infosys developing core banking software. As a technology analyst, he won the 2014 Thomson Reuters StarMine Analysts award for the Information Technology industry’s best ‘Industry Stock Picker.’ In addition to his business development work with overseas institutional investors across APAC, he has also participated in seed-stage fund-raising in Hong Kong. Ankit is fascinated by macroeconomic analysis and the Austrian business cycle theory, and he enjoys using critical thinking to challenge the status quo. Ankit holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics & Telecommunications) from the University of Pune and a Master of Business Administration from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, where he was placed on the Dean’s List for outstanding academic performance and inducted as a lifetime member of the global Beta Gamma Sigma (BGS) Honor Society. In 2015, Ankit obtained his CFA license from the CFA Institute in the United States.

2. Sanjeev Sharma

Sanjeev has over 15 years of wide and diverse expertise in capital markets, which he applies to his work as a Money Manager. He holds an M.Com, a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration (Finance), and the Certified Treasury Manager credential (Forex & Risk Management). Since 2005, he has been connected with many quantitative mutual fund schemes. Sanjeev specializes in credit risk research and is responsible for evaluating investment possibilities across asset classes. He has a comprehensive understanding of macroeconomic policies and their influence on loan markets. Over the years, Sanjeev has cultivated formidable relationships with the industry’s most influential treasurers. 

3. Vaslav Sahgal

Vasav is one of the youngest and most dynamic top-rated money manager in the mutual fund industry. After clearing 3 levels of the CFA program, he started his journey with the quant group as an investment analyst for equity as well as fixed income instruments. On a day-to-day basis, he is primarily responsible for equity asset allocation and credit research. Vasav is passionate about developing models using coding and has been deploying advanced data analytics in python for improved valuation analytics. Given his role, Vasav is the embodiment of our strategy – Adaptive Asset Allocation.


  1. Is quant small cap fund safe?

According to SEBI categorization, it is mandatory to invest 65% of the corpus in small-cap companies listed on the stock market. As per SEBI’s risk meter, it is categorized as highly risky. Typically, with high returns comes high risk, when the market is bullish small cap funds outperform mid-cap and large-cap funds and vice versa. An investor must analyze his or her investment objective and risk profile before investing in mutual funds. 

To invest in quant small-cap funds click here

2. What is a multi-cap fund?

This scheme must invest at least 25 percent of its total assets in large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap stocks, respectively.

3. Which is the best scheme of quant mutual fund?

You may check out the above-mentioned table showing various Quant mutual funds with 5-Year returns, respectively. However, you must note that historical gains are not a guarantee for future returns.


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