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Quality Pooled Distribution Services in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC

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Pooled Distribution Services

Like many informed companies that haul products to and from their premises, you want to cut shipment costs. That is where pooled distribution works. Swift Delivery & Logistics offers high-quality pool distribution services throughout Maryland, Washington DC. But then, you might be new to this concept.

Pool distribution is a kind of shipping similar to LTL or less than truckload shipping. Our freight pooling services enable you to ferry your product with other orders in a single truck. But, unlike LTL shipping, our pool distribution does not involve sharing the ferrying of your load with other companies. Instead, you pool multiple shipments of your product without the headache of worrying about other people’s products.

When you use our pool distribution service, you can drastically lower your company’s shipping costs. Doing so means your item’s journey to its destination is super-fast and easy faster.

What Is Pool Trucking?

The pool trucking service we offer allows you to “pool” your cargo together with other shipments to multiple destinations within the geographical region that we cover.

The shipments you ship through LTL services can be pooled together onto a full trailer. You can even use multiple trailers. These trailers are sent to a distribution center, and Your goods will be offloaded and shipped to their respective destinations.

When you pool your shipments, they will share the pool truck on a cheaper method of transportation for the majority of the journey. 

You can use our pool distribution at both ends of the shipping lane. We are talking about the source as well as the intended destination. Where you are shipping from is technically called pool consolidation. The destination is the pool. Here, the cargo is offloaded from the truck, scanned, organized, and distributed to its delivery point.

Our pool distribution service at Swift Delivery and Logistics offers you the best of both worlds. You get the benefits of less than truckload shipments while at the same time becoming more time-sensitive.

Benefits of Our Pool Distribution

The most significant benefit you will notice is lower costs on shipping. That is why our pool distribution services are a hot favorite. The pool distribution service we offer is more efficient than any other shipping option. The reason is simple; the most expensive miles for a truck are the initial and last 50 miles.

When you use our pool distribution services, you eliminate the need for multiple wheels on the journey. Also, remember that when we place fewer trucks on the road, we are going green with your shipments. We support you in our collective effort to safeguard the environment.

Find the Right Pool Distribution Partner

To ensure the whole pool distribution process works for you, you must find a reliable and reputable shipping partner. Swift Delivery offers you a unique, non-conventional LTL shipping model. We eliminated the hub from “hub and spoke.” So, your cargo won’t unload from the truck until it gets to its intended delivery point.

Trust our cutting-edge logistics, sophisticated algorithms, and our experience working with thousands of businesses across the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC region. We enable you to cut down on shipment costs, no matter the volume or size of cargo. Contact Swift Delivery & Logistics for effective and efficient pool delivery services in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC.

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