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Focusing on the cybersecurity of your organization is a sound investment. However, a good defense is difficult and expensive with an ever-increasing variety of security risks, such as mobile devices, video cameras, and other IoT devices. However, with an EDR system, you can detect malware or unauthorized users inside the network perimeter so they can be thwarted before reaching their target. Consider working with EDR because:

  1. EDR gives an early warning.

You may not know you’ve been compromised until it’s too late. EDR can detect and prevent most attacks before they can do any damage. This will give you a better chance to take action and fewer disruptions. Besides, you may not know the source or extent of an attack until after the damage is done. But with the system, the damage can be minimized, or at least the drama minimized. It puts you in control of your network and business’s sensitive data by safeguarding it at the point of use— while protecting your business from economic loss caused by downtime and recovery costs.

  1. EDR improves computer security.

Malicious code can be detected and removed before it reaches your system or network. The result is that your computer security is improved, and you can focus on what matters most to your business: doing business and making money. Go for Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) in Singapore because it will enhance your computer security systems. Because your system is better protected, you will spend less to secure it and more to protect your customers or employees.

  1. It reduces disruptions to productivity.

With EDR, you will have less downtime and fewer lost sales, and in the end, you will be more productive because your systems should be more reliable. Your IT staff can focus on doing business, not firefighting. Your customer’s financial information, employee’s confidential salary information, or intellectual property can be safely encrypted. In this way, your business is protected from cybercrime.

  1. EDR improves the security of your organization’s information assets.

EDR puts an end to costly data breaches, downtime, and loss of productivity, so you’ll be able to keep your intellectual property or private information safe from hackers and other cybercriminals. Why? Because EDR keeps a watchful eye on your system, whether it is on LAN or WAN. This means that you are in control of your information assets and can focus on customers and business opportunities.

  1. It cuts down on the costs of security.

It’s a matter of math: the more you know, the better you can protect yourself. EDR gives you information that leaves an attacker with fewer places to hide and therefore is more effective in minimizing risk and improving your overall security posture. You will have a system in place to protect and detect threats as they happen, instead of investing in an expensive solution that you hope will work long term, only to find out it doesn’t.

  1. It is easy to implement.

Most small organizations can set up a simple EDR system with a few hundred dollars and a little time. If you already have a firewall, mainframe, or outsourced information security group, you probably already have some piece of EDR in place. It is effortless to purchase a turnkey EDR product with everything you need to start. No more guessing which solution will best suit your particular needs. With EDR, your IT staff will be free to focus on core business tasks, and your organization will be better protected against cybercrime.


Facing the harsh reality of cybercrime, you can’t afford to leave your organization’s security to chance. Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) will help you know if you’ve been breached before it’s too late. Take action before it disrupts your business, or worse, get you sued by a client who’s had their financial information stolen by a hacker.

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