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A title is an official document that provides information about a vehicle. Lists the year, make, and model of the vehicle with the vehicle identification number or VIN. It also shows the vehicle’s mileage and date of purchase. Finally, it contains information about the person or persons who own the car, including their address. Keep reading this article to know about how to get a new title for a car

The back of the title is the Assignment of Title form used to transfer ownership of the vehicle when it is sold. The transfer of ownership includes information about the seller, date of sale, odometer reading, and sale price. Many states accept this document as proof of sale.

Different types of captions provide additional information about the vehicle. Most vehicles have clean titles, but you may also see a tag that indicates the vehicle has been salvaged or rebuilt. A salvage title is issued when the car is severely damaged and the insurance company declares it a total loss. Some states will replace a salvage title with a rebuilt title if the vehicle is repaired and passes inspection. A branded title isn’t necessarily bad, but it hurts the value of the car. Many finance companies will not lend money on a car with a branded title, it can be difficult to insure and it is more difficult to sell the vehicle later. Before you decide to buy a car with a branded title, find out why it was totaled and get the repairs checked.

Replacement of lost title

If you’ve lost a tile on a car you own, you can apply for a duplicate title. This process usually involves filling out a duplicate title form and paying a fee. The process varies by state, but the Department of Motor Vehicles typically requires the following:

  • Year, make and model of the vehicle
  • Current odometer reading
  • Vehicle Identification Number or VIN
  • Information about the lien holder
  • Your driving license details
  • Reissue fee by cash, debit card, or check

Many states use electronic lien and title processing. If your DMV website uses ELT, you can apply for the degree online. Other states require you to apply in person, provide identification, and prove you own the vehicle.

Pro tips for getting a car title

Do your homework

Visit your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles website to find out which documents are required and if any of these documents require a notarized signature.

Make sure you fill out the paperwork correctly. If you log in at the wrong place, check the wrong box, or try to delete something, the process will slow down. You may need to file additional paperwork or apply for a new/duplicate title before ownership can be transferred.

Moving from one state to another

Most states require you to register your car within 30 days of your move-in date if you are moving from another state. The registration process usually requires you to apply for a new title at that time. Even if you don’t need to apply for a new title, it’s still a good idea. A national title makes it easier to register and sell your car.

Check your new state’s Department of Motor Vehicles website to find out what documents you need to register your car. Most states want your current title, driver’s license, and proof of residency as many people still don’t know much about how to get a new title for a car. Some states require inspection papers such as an emissions test or VIN verification.


If you are buying a car, make sure you get all the paperwork when you sell. Documents vary by state, so check your motor vehicle department’s website to see what is required. At a minimum, you will need a current title with the Assignment of Title section completed. Some states require additional documentation.

If there was a lien on the old title, you need paperwork from the lien holder showing that it was released. A lien is a financial deposit against the value of the vehicle, which is usually placed by a financial institution when providing a loan for the purchase of a car. An official payday letter from the lien holder meets this requirement in most states.

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