Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

Previously, the social networking app Soul App aroused another craze for metaverse among young people from Gen Z with its Soul Metaverse and this further caused a stir in the market of social apps. First launched in 2016, Soul App is now a platform that hosts over 9.3 million daily active users. Soul App’s triumph is not dwarfed by giants like Facebook or TikTok in the new track of social metaverse.

“Soul App is meant to foster goodwill. In Soul Metaverse, we embrace each other with kindnesses.”

Stella entered Soul App when she graduated from university. At the same time, she is a user of Soul App, namely a Souler. In the workplace of Soul App, she enjoyed the same warm ecology that she experienced in Soul App. Stella recalls, “Maintaining goodwill for users is the first thing I learned at Soul App.”

At first, Stella thought that for a social networking product like Soul App, data growth ranked top consideration. But things are different in Soul App. They are more concerned about whether changes in data reveal a better ecology. According to Stella, the quality of the ecology has a key impact on the social experience of its users. Such value orientation has proven to be correct. Stella adds, “When I spend time in Soul App as Souler, I will also benefit from its high-quality social ecology.”

Each employee in Soul App is willing to release kindness and they welcome heart-to-heart communication. Once Stella was stuck in the elevator alone and the signal of her phone was not stable. The only person she could reach was her leader. Even though it was late at night, her leader responded immediately and rescued her from the elevator. The moment she saw light again, Stella realized more clearly than ever that what Soul App brought her was more than a job opportunity. Here, she received kindness and embraced a warm ecology.

“Soul App is like an inclusive social metaverse. It provides a space for the free exchange of ideas and incubates creativity.”

JOJO is an intern in Soul App. She feels that every voice is valued in the working environment of Soul Metaverse. Everyone is encouraged to express their ideas frankly and every idea is cherished and openly discussed. JOJO says, “In Soul App, every colleague is friendly and sincere to me. I read a lot of people on the internet complaining that they are treated as rivals, but I didn’t feel that way in Soul App.”

JOJO works in an energetic team where everyone works towards the same target and always supports each other. JOJO’s job involves promotions of Soul App’s Super Soul Real project, a plan designed to support quality creators in Soul App. In her work, she always receives sincere gratitude from the people she works with, which makes her feel inspired and gives her the confidence to bring happiness to users in Soul App.

Her leader also cherished ideas from the young people and always shares a young mentality. JOJO and her colleagues are encouraged to walk into the interest circles of the young people and understand the latest trend among Gen Z. This may explain why Soul App is able to capture Gen Z.

“I cherish the happy days I spend in Soul App. In the Soul Metaverse, we created, I grow rapidly.”

Celine also thinks that working in Soul App is a unique experience. In her team, even if she is an intern, she is treated as a real expert. She was once given the opportunity to run an online activity independently. Although she met some technical problems, she managed to solve them in time under the guidance of her mentor. As one developer of the Soul Metaverse, Celine gradually understands that she must approach its user to create a warm ecology. 

Another intern shared how he learned from mistakes in Soul App. Once he published uncertified content as a final draft. He felt that he made a very serious mistake at that time. But his mentor didn’t blame him and guided him patiently to solve the problem quickly. As a social networking platform that targets the young generation, Soul App is also willing to foster the growth of its young workforce.

Previously, Soul App disclosed its latest slogan “Build a ‘Soul’cial Metaversee for Young Generations”. In Soul Metaverse, young people enjoy a novel social experience that combines virtual identity with diversified social models while retaining the natural attractions among individuals. Soul Metaverse is created for the young, as well as by the young. Behind Soul App’s success, the power of the youth is rising. From the post-70s, the 80s, and 90s to Gen Z, time will change but the social metaverse established by Soul App will always embrace new ideas and stay young. 

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