Potential Health Benefits of Desserts

Potential Health Benefits of Desserts

March 31, 2021 0 By Rahul Pandey

Ah! Desserts, the sweet treats that complete every meal; the means to satiate midnight cravings, and the quintessential element of every celebration. There are a variety of desserts, like ice-creams, cakes, chocolates, pies, candies that tempt, tease, and tantalize the taste buds. However, the Trend health conscious and waistline watchers have always termed desserts as the source of fat and high-sugar intake leading to health problems. Well, these delicacies are not only sweet in taste but sweet for the health as well, if consumed in moderation. If you didn’t know, there are potential health benefits of eating desserts. Some of which has been listed below: 


  1. Source of Calcium: This one is for all ice-cream lovers. The main ingredient in ice-cream is milk. And, you very well know milk is rich in Calcium and Vitamin D that strengthens the bones and prevents Osteoporosis. So, don’t be guilty for the night trips to the refrigerator for having an ice-cream scoop because now it is more of sweet, healthy trips. 
  2. Vitamin C: Citrus fruits are consumed for Vitamin C, but they are too sour for the tastebuds. If yours are shouting for something sweet yet healthy, go for lemon pie or lemon meringue. Lemon Cake or Fruit cake is also a sweet-tangy choice to opt for. Desserts made from real fruits, lemon syrups, and zest are more healthy than the ones made with artificial flavourings. 
  3. Antioxidants: Chocolate lovers, here is your health treat. Dark chocolates are made from cocoa seeds which are the best sources of antioxidants and then it also contains soluble fibre and minerals. All these benefit the health by providing protection against free radicals, heart diseases, and oxidation. The fatty acid profile of cocoa is excellent for health. What are you waiting for? Order chocolates online and treat your health, sweetly. 
  4. Energy Booster: This one is no brainer. At some point of time, you all must have experienced that sugary treats are a great energy booster. Carbohydrates found in sugar are a great energy booster. That’s why we crave for something sweet when we are tired because we are in need of sweet-energy. Moreover, you can substitute a cup of coffee with a cake or any dessert. 
  5. Serotonin Increase: It is a brain chemical produced naturally that helps to regulate sleep, happiness, and other wide variety of biological functions. Apart from the anti-depressants, there are desserts that assist in the production of serotonin. Eating desserts can instantly make you feel better. 
  6. Weight Loss: Wait, what? Does it seem like your whole life is a lie because all this while you have been thinking that eating desserts make you fat. Carbs and proteins eaten at breakfast keep us full all day, thus helping us to control our cravings. If eaten in moderation, desserts can improve your health and weight. Now, that’s something really sweet. Isn’t it? 
  7. Prevent Stroke and Blood Pressure Problems: Dark chocolate cake or dark chocolate can prevent stroke and lowers blood pressure. It is because of the nutrients found in it. Though, prevention of stroke is manifested in the long run and not immediately after eating a dark chocolate. Craving for a dark chocolate mousse? Bring it on! 


You probably didn’t know that indulgent desserts could do this good to your health. Eating desserts is recommended. Don’t shy away from treating yourself or shopping desserts gifts for girls and boys. PS: keep it in moderation to savour the sweet pleasures. 

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