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Tips on the ways of website creation, monitoring and promotion

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Of course, you can create and maintain a website yourself. However, you will need to have considerable talent and experience. You will have to combine the skills of a designer, layout designer, web analyst, copywriter and editor, programmer, system administrator, internet marketer. At the same time, you will have to turn the idea into a successful business tool that generates income. In addition, you will need a lot of free time. 

And to avoid common mistakes, you need to learn simple postulates. “One in the field is not a warrior” and “it is impossible to be a pro in everything” – make your credo out of these phrases. And immediately get ready to assess the amount of knowledge and skills necessary for the practical implementation of the idea. Thus, for most people it becomes an impossible task. So the first thing to do is, of course, to find a pro website services in Houston for the hardest of the basics – website creation.

Ways to find the best pros for website creation

Many people mistakenly believe that search engine rankings lead to the best web developers. However, this is not at all true. Most of the large and reputable web agencies do not promote their own website on the network. Just like Rolls-Royce does not advertise itself on television. Such companies already have a serious pool of clients and are widely known in professional circles.

When choosing a web resource developer, the priorities of large companies and small firms differ. The former focuses on  reliability and security, the stability of the website under heavy loads. The latter focuses on the timing of creation and cost of work. Therefore, it is difficult to imagine a certain universal list of parameters by which you should look for the developer who will suit you in the best way.

How to monitor website after it was created

Website monitoring itself is a set of activities aimed at maintaining its functioning. This includes general diagnostics of the availability, performance and functionality of the website. As well as the performance of the web server. And all of this together is a critical part of the day-to-day operation of a website.

The webmaster must monitor the availability of the website to ensure that it is, obviously, available to users at all times. Regardless of where those same users are. This also includes the monitoring of uptime – the time during which the website is working without failure. The higher it is, the better. Since it decreases in proportion to the time during which the website was not available.

It is also important for the webmaster to monitor the performance of the website, that is, the speed of its loading. This also uses a whole set of procedures aimed at diagnosing the speed of content loading separately and the page as a whole.

Another important aspect of monitoring is functional diagnostics. For this webmaster needs to keep track of the work of all the active elements of the website. Including payment systems. This means that it’s necessary to monitor the performance of the website’s databases and various APIs.

Most effective ways for website monitoring

Round-the-clock website monitoring is very important for maintaining the performance of your website. After all, sometimes even a seemingly minor problem with the stability or accessibility of the website can cause a lot of problems. And if you are the owner of the website or its webmaster, these problems will turn into a headache.

So, 24/7 monitoring will allow you to avoid these problems so that your website visitors can use your website without any problems. However, manual daily website monitoring takes a lot of time. And to free it up, the webmaster needs to take advantage of a useful automated website monitoring tool.

And all you need to ensure comprehensive monitoring of your website is the HostTracker website monitoring platform. With its website checker tools will be able to online check host, website status and a lot of other things. And then surely determine when and why it was off. What’s more, you’ll be able to track when it started to load slowly, causing inconvenience to customers. This saves you money and time because problems are diagnosed and fixed faster, which means less downtime.

How to promote website after all was set up

Regardless of what project you are leading, the key issue is the issue of promotion. You will either have to understand marketing and all promotion issues yourself, or entrust this activity to professionals. For example, if your project is designed for a regional-related audience, it is recommended to immediately study the features that exist in this region. As well as how Google Ads works in region, competition for the selected geolocation, and so on.

But doing everything yourself is not necessary for most people. Many have often had negative experiences with agencies, freelancers, and so on. Regardless of the field of business or life. Therefore, many want to explore this issue from scratch. In fact, this is not necessary at all – it is much more important to simply choose the right contractor.

Addressing the agency, the studio, you can get services in a package, which is much cheaper than doing everything yourself. For example, to learn how to configure Google Ads, and then even analytics to improve the effectiveness of advertising. Also, by signing the contract, you get a guarantee of quality work and compliance with all deadlines.

How and why to control Google Ads according to website monitoring 

One of the main reasons to monitor websites, as mentioned much earlier, is to monitor availability and performance. And it is how well the related components of the website are functioning that determines whether or not there will be problems with Google Ads. For example, if content is partially or completely unavailable, users will go to a non-working or empty website. That is, make “empty clicks” in the ad unit. And this leads to a loss of potential customers.

Therefore, along with monitoring the website it is necessary to make sure to suspend Google Ads in time. Because Google systems can completely block it in the advertising and search results if it is not available. And if it’s available, but the content is not fully or partially displayed, you’ll be overpaying for churn from potential customers. Literally.
And that’s when HostTracker comes to help. Its systems will try to check if website is down now and suspend Ads subscription ASAP. 

In fact, the webmaster simply needs to provide the details of the company’s account associated with the Google Ads service and confirm access to the account. As a result, webmasters will have a useful tool to control Google Ads campaigns. In addition, it will check the status of the website and, if necessary, suspend the subscription to Google Ads. And when the website resumes working, the service will automatically restore the effectiveness of the Google Ads campaign.

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