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There are many different types of semi-trucks. They each come equipped with different specifications that suit the needs of different types of loads and shipping distances. Liquids, for example, need an enclosed trailer, whereas heavier objects may need a tougher trailer that can handle the weight. Depending on what you wish to transport, you’ll need to research what kind of truck will work best for you.

Common Semi-Trucks

There are three basic types of cabs—day cabs, sleeper cabs, and custom haulers. Here’s a little more about each of them:

  • Day cabs: Day cabs are essentially what you’d expect. They provide the simple necessities that drivers will need for a day-long journey—a basic seat, cup holder, and passenger seat. The cab itself comes with a rear window to help with backing up. They also tend to be a bit smaller and easier to control. However, they are definitely not ideal for a longer journey.
  • Sleeper cabs: Sleeper cabs are much bigger, providing a small living area for a driver. A bed, commercial fridges, and sometimes even a TV are in the cab, so drivers can sleep and rest when needed for long journeys. It’s essentially a form of RV that can haul a load with it! The cab may be bigger, but it can hook up to all sorts of different trailers, particularly ones built for long hauling.
  • Custom haulers: These haulers are built for versatility. They can hook up to nearly every type of trailer and are built with powerful engines to increase hauling ability.

Trailer Types

There are loads of different types of trailers that all provide different functions. Here are some of the basic ones:

  • Tank: Tanks are used to carry liquids.
  • Dump: Dump trailers are designed to move the bed around to dump the bucket’s contents. These are for hauling materials such as dirt, gravel, rocks, etc.
  • Flatbed: A flatbed is the most common type of trailer you’ll see. It can haul almost any type of cargo.
  • Lowboy: Lowboy trailers are designed to carry heavy machinery. The weight is very dispersed on this type of trailer.


Semi-trucks are used all across the country, so finding semi-trucks for sale in Cincinnati is easy. Plenty of dealerships sell used or even new trucks if you’re ready to invest. As always, do your research when selecting a cab and trailer for your semi. Pick the set that best suits your needs. There are oodles of options for you.

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