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Gift shopping for the selfie snapper, amateur or pro photographer in your life doesn’t have to be a challenge. If you use personalised photo calendars as a source of inspiration, you’ll easily be able to find Christmas stocking fillers and additional presents that are suitable for specific experience levels.

A customisable wall or desk photo calendar can show off the photographic talents of a family member or friend, and motivate them to keep on snapping. It can also help them plan photo opportunities throughout the year.

Gifts For The Smartphone Snapper

Personalised photo calendars are an excellent gift for anyone who enjoys take thousands of snaps with their mobile phone camera. Instead of storing all of the captured images on the smartphone, or on a computer file, the recipient of your thoughtful gift can select their favourite photos and proudly show them off.

To ensure that the keen selfie snapper has the best source of light available, you can also gift them a smartphone compatible light meter. The Luxi for All Light Meter Attachment securely slides onto any type of mobile device and functions as a diffusion dome to receive accurate light measurements, when used alongside the Luxi mobile app.

An ergonomic smartphone camera grip that combines functionality with advanced features will delight any photographer who practices their skills via an Android or ios mobile device. Surprise them with a camera grip accessory that boasts the design, comfort and feel of a traditional camera. The grip allows the snapper to take one-handed shots, and includes a unique rotating zoom ring for super easy close ups.

A can of atmosphere aerosol is perfect for creating smoky ambience for selfie portraits, and is a hot stocking filler item.

Gifts For The Novice

If you know someone who has a passion for photography and practices it as a hobby, you can encourage them to learn more about the art by gifting novice experience level presents.

An instant film camera, like the Fuji Instax Mini 11, captures images and automatically produces credit card-sized prints. Choose a camera that features an automatic exposure mode, built-in flash and close-up shooting capabilities.

Imagine what it feels like to miss a great shot because you had no room to save it on your memory card. A fast microSD memory card is a great gift idea, especially if the novice photographer also loves to experiment with high-definition videography. The high-quality memory boosting technology allows photographers to quickly record large amounts of data on their device.

To ensure that photography equipment is always primed for action, and functioning optimally, a professional camera cleaning kit is essential. Choose a cleaning system that includes all the tools needed to clean the gear, and that offers universal compatibility. If you have a generous budget, it’s worth investing in a kit that also has a USB powered vacuum.

A beautiful and luxurious photo book will give your novice photographer friend an opportunity to display a collection of their favourite images. Alternatively, you can gift a photo calendar that highlights a variety of themed photos from their portfolio.

Gifts For The Pro

While the professional photographer member of your family may already be kitted out with everything they need to take stunning photos, there is always likely to be room for improvement.

You can upgrade their kit by gifting them a pair of Extreme Tech Gloves that allow pro photographers to keep their hands warm while manipulating the buttons and dials on a camera, when shooting outdoors in the autumn and winter. Go for stylish, but functional full mitt flipper style gloves that are lightweight, thickly padded and dexterous.

A lightweight, ultra-compact carbon travel tripod, like the award-winning Peak Design pro-level performance model measures similar proportions to a water bottle, and offers exceptional stability and deployed height. It’s made from weather and impact resistant materials, and boasts a unique design that allows for speedy set up and takedown in any location.

To capture the moment, when the camera is set on a tripod, the pro will definitely benefit from the gift of a remote shutter release. This cool accessory acts as a wireless shutter remote, and offers unlimited uses, without the risk of any camera movement when shooting longer exposures.

Every professional photographer needs a versatile and lightweight camera bag/backpack. The ultimate modern and spacious camera bag is one that is made from fabric that is durable and tear-resistant, and that can easily adapt for any type of outdoor photography adventure.

For spontaneous photography, it’s also helpful to have a sling bag that is durable and comfortable, and that can be secured using a cross-body strap. The perfect gift is a sling bag that allows the carry pouch to rotate on the strap, so that you have easy access to photography gear.

Personalised photo calendars offer the pro photographer a unique way to showcase their skills and talents. Instead of displaying portfolio worthy shots in the usual manner they can easily be arranged in themed collections, of one or multiple images, across 12 pages.

When choosing this beautiful and practical photo calendar gift for a photographer friend, you have two options to choose from. You can pick a stylish template and select your favourite images from their professional portfolio. Or you can invite them to donate the photos that they’re most proud of, to create a spectacular one-of-a-kind January to December 2023 display.

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