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Paint Colors That Matches with Natural Wood Trim

Wood trims are naturally lovely embellishments that give traditional and modern homes a distinct and organic feel. While many paint them white, this is not necessarily the best color to use on outside wood trim.

Natural trim wood has a deep hue, lending an antique or sophisticated touch to a generally neutral and relaxing space. It is available in four shades: medium brown, honey, blonde, and dark brown. Consider preserving comparable wood tones in other areas of your home rather than painting over them.

Too much wood trim, on the other hand, might make your home appear dark. Make them work by selecting the proper paint color combinations for wood-trimmed rooms.

 What Is the Best Paint for Wood Trimmed Walls? 

Wood trim has apparent undertones, making it challenging to pick paint colors that complement it. Fortunately, colors that complement naturally warm tones are available.

Cool hues are preferred for wood-trim home designs. While you can use orange, yellow, or red to highlight the wood, it’s ideal for balancing the dark hue with something light and fresh, such as neutral or white paint.

 Best Wall Paint Colors for Rooms With Wood Trim 

1. Off-white and White

White paint is a favorite among households. As a base shade, it complements every style and illuminates any space.

As you can see, whites and off-whites complement wood trim beautifully. White is the perfect color to pair with light wood trim since it’s natural, fresh, and provides a lovely light setting for life. White can even work with dark wood trim; the contrast will be strong, but it’s a modern aesthetic that can work if you like that sort of thing. Layers such as drapes, rugs, pillows, and artwork can reduce the disparity.

These are the perfect white paint colors to use in wood-trimmed rooms:

  • Alabaster
  • Additional White
  • Paper White
  • Pure White
  • Lily


2. Gray

Gray wall paint has captivated the attention of many individuals in recent years. Warm beige grays have replaced cool grays as the most popular color palette.

Gray paint is one of the best exterior wood trim paints, particularly if you want a contemporary style for your area. It is also an excellent technique to soften and balance the natural wood trim color.

You can pair these colors with natural wood trims:

  • Agreeable Gray
  • Repose Gray
  • Ice Cube
  • Aloof Gray

3. Blue

Blues varying from pale to navy are perfect paint colors for rooms with wood trim. A lighter shade of blue is ideal for living rooms or bedrooms with wood trim, but a bolder blue is ideal for kids’ bedrooms or living spaces that need a pop of color.

To help balance dark wood tones, look for hues with rich blue undertones. It’s an eye-catching approach that contributes to creating a warm yet classy ambiance that lends itself to various design styles, from traditional to contemporary.

Blues with subtle purple hues provide warmth to wood trimmings, while navy blue works well with blonde, darker, or moderately colored wood trims. Complement the trim wood color with blue and green for a more dramatic look.

These blues are the best paint colors for wood-trimmed walls:

  • Hinting Blue
  • Quench Blue
  • Jacaranda
  • Naval

4. Green

Consider mid-range greens if you want a paint hue that echoes nature but makes a little broader creative impression. These colors are reminiscent of grass, leaves, and trees, which are ideal design companions for wood tones. At the same time, limiting yourself to somewhat subdued tones will allow you to preserve a certain amount of sophistication and elegance.

Green walls are an inexpensive and simple way to complement wood trim. Adding some color won’t hurt as long as you keep it authentic. Some nature-inspired colors you can opt for include cherry turquoise, sage green, and dark hunter green.

Sage greens look well with blond, darker, and moderate-colored wood trims. Turquoise complements any wood trim, particularly those with gold-colored tones. Dark hunter green is an excellent choice for wood trim with blond and darker tones.

These paint colors are worth a try:

  • Softened Green
  • Rain-Washed
  • Dard Hunter Green

5. Pink

Pink paint color is one of the ideal exterior wood trim paints. If you have natural or dark wood trim, blush pink is the most excellent option.

If you have golden-colored wood trim, avoid pink since the orange of the wood may be visually contrasting.

These colors are worth a try:

  • Benjamin Moore First Light
  • Sherwin Williams Romance

If you want more color options, you can research reliable sites, such as, to explore more suggestions and tips for choosing the proper paint color that matches your home’s wood trim.

 Key Takeaway

Painting your home allows you to transform a room into your ideal place quickly.  This is especially true if you’re working with natural wood trim, such as unpainted baseboards and moldings around windows and doors. However, choosing the proper colors can be difficult. 

You can paint wood trim in various colors to create a rustic and stylish look. However, some colors are more prevalent when matched with natural wood trim, so considering such hues is a good idea.


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