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Oral Probiotic

Probiotic supplements are a strong supporter of a healthy gut microbiome which can impact your overall health and well-being. While it is important to maintain a balanced gut, you should also be mindful to care for your mouth microbiome.

Oral probiotic supplements can help maintain the balance of your mouth microbiome, which can support your immunity and general health.

We will take a look at how caring for your dental health with probiotic supplements can provide you with immune support for optimal health.
How Your Dental Health Relates to Your Overall Health
Just as a balanced gut microbiome can help support a strong immune system, the health of your mouth’s microbiome also has an impact on your immune health. Your mouth has a variety of bacteria, approximately 300 to 1,000 different species, and the balance of that bacteria can determine the health of your teeth and gums.

A balanced mouth microbiome helps to break down the food you eat into tiny particles so that the nutrients are more readily assimilated by your body. Being able to absorb the vitamins and minerals in your healthy diet means that your body can enjoy optimal health and wellness. Your immune system can function at its best when you are consuming and utilizing beneficial antioxidants and minerals.
Saliva, Probiotic Supplements, and a Healthy Mouth
Highly acidic foods can offset the pH balance of the mouth. Also, some bacteria found in the mouth can create acids that lead to an imbalance in the oral microbiome.

Healthy saliva flow is needed to wash away food particles and help maintain the pH balance in the mouth. When your saliva flow is ideal, you will typically generate about three pints a day of saliva. You may not realize it, but your saliva contains two helpful nutrients that are absorbed by your teeth: calcium and phosphorus. As you probably already know, calcium helps to support strong, healthy bones and that includes your teeth! Phosphorous works together with calcium to help maintain the structure of your teeth. As a matter of fact, 85 percent of phosphorus is found in your bones and teeth. In addition to supporting strong teeth, phosphorus can also be beneficial for jawbone health.

With adequate saliva, your mouth can easily maintain balance for healthy teeth and gums. Certain foods or medications can affect your saliva flow and make your mouth feel dry, but there are some healthy habits you can implement to maintain adequate saliva.

To help support healthy saliva flow, you can:

⦁ Drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep your mouth moist.
⦁ Use a humidifier if the air in your home is dry. This can help keep your membranes hydrated.
⦁ Breath through your nose rather than your mouth. Mouth breathing can cause dryness.
⦁ Avoid or limit dehydrating substances like alcohol, caffeinated beverages, antihistamines, decongestants, and tobacco products. If you do use any of these substances, be sure to increase your water intake to compensate for the dehydrating effects.
⦁ Floss regularly and use alcohol-free or low-alcohol mouthwashes.
⦁ Use oral probiotic supplements to support a healthy pH level in your mouth.
USANA Oral Probiotic: Helping Support Your Healthy Smile and Overall Well-being
Adding USANA Oral Probiotic to your evening dental care routine can help you support your overall health by assisting with optimal nutrient absorption that comes from a healthy balance of bacteria in the mouth microbiome. These oral probiotic supplements work to help balance the mouth microflora for a healthy pH level. USANA Oral Probiotic supports your oral health with one billion CFU of beneficial bacteria from three probiotic strains. Maintaining the delicate balance of your mouth microflora will help you fully enjoy the immune-supporting benefits of your healthy diet via optimal nutrient assimilation.

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