Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

Suppose you’re searching for Toyota off-road parts and working on upgrading your vehicle with mods for overlanding. In that case, you’re likely focusing on aftermarket bumpers, lighting mods, lift kits, and other similar items. These additions add function to your vehicle and, when done well, look great. But there’s one essential mod that every overlanding needs that isn’t so sexy or exciting, and that’s a skid plate.

What Is A Skid Plate?

A skid plate is a metal plate mounted to the underside of your vehicle to add protection. A skid plate can be the difference between finishing your weekend adventure and coming home early with a punctured oil pan. Skid plates aren’t generally visible, so they don’t change the appearance of your truck or SUV, but they are very important.

What Does A Skid Plate Protect?

This depends on the type of skid plate you install. You can install engine skids, transmission skids, and transfer case skids. Many skid systems offer plates that nest with one another to provide seamless coverage. You can also get a connector skid that bridges the gap between the front bumper and the engine skid to create full coverage across the front end of your vehicle.

Skid plates ensure that branches, rocks, boulders, and rough terrain cannot damage critical components such as the radiator, engine oil pan, steering rack, transmission, transfer case, and gas tank. They also prevent fluid reservoirs and lines from getting punctured while tackling challenging terrain. With skid plates in place, you can drive with confidence.

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Do You Really Need Skid Plates?

You can venture out on an off-roading adventure just fine without skid plates. Skid plates don’t help with recovery, they don’t increase your visibility, and they may only marginally improve your performance over difficult terrain. Your vehicle may even have factory-installed skid plates already, leading many off-roading newbies to question whether skid plates are necessary.

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But here’s the truth: aftermarket aluminum or steel skid plates can survive direct hits from rocks. They can keep a sharp branch from puncturing your fuel line. They may even be able to support some of your vehicle’s weight as you maneuver down a steep ledge. Without skid plates, one hit to your transmission will end your journey immediately and result in major repair costs that far outweigh the cost of a solid set of skid plates.

If you’re new to off-roading, skid plates must be one of the first upgrades you make to your vehicle.

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