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When it comes to investments, everyone wants to get on board. However, there are various theories that are important to learn prior to having the full-blown assuredness you can start investing. A lot of younger people these days are beginning to save and make investments but one key avenue they had looked at until now is the coveted stock chart. Millennials are not the only ones curious of this phenomenon. There are dozens of wealth managers who are looking to receive financial advice to better their money. Today, we are going to learn what a stock chart is, its endless list of benefits and uses, and how it can help make a difference to your finances.

What Is A Stock Chart?

A stock chart is simply a graphic of the price of a company that’s organised over a period of time. They showcase three different things such as the price history and movement as well as the overall trading volume. This visual guide showcases the company, the exchange it is on, the price movements it made over the span of either a day, week, month, quarter, or year. Daily and intraday data is for traders to see price movements in the short term. Investors look towards weekly and monthly charts in order to discover what the trends will be in the long term.

Price movements are about if the stock chart is at the moment trending positively or negatively. Price history looks at the opening and closing costs, high and low prices during an interval of time. There are four key data points from a day such as open which is the beginning, high, low, and close which is the end of the evening. The trading volume looks after the units of the stock which have been purchased. In the next few moments, we will be looking at the types of stock charts and their overall benefits for your overall finances.

What Types Of Stock Charts Are There? 

There are three types of stock charts out there including bar, candle and stick, and line graphics. Line evaluate the closing price of a chart over a particular period, showcasing how the price is behaving. Bars looks towards each plot of the day such as the open, high, low, and close, to see how the price has been mapped over the course of the day. Candle and stick on the other have a more aesthetically pleasing approach to the classic bar that gives an easy guide to OHLC data. Each of these types of screeners all have a different purpose.

What Are The Benefits Of A Stock Chart?

There are various benefits that come with the stock chart. This includes giving you the whole picture about the company and how they are going throughout the year. This gives you a good indication of whether to invest or pull out from a particular business. Trading volume is another way to tell that a company is worth staying onboard of finding another option. If you can see there is a high demand on the screener, this indicates the current and future standing for the company. Another benefit of utilising screeners is the fact that you’ll have a good understanding of the overall trends and turning points of a business, allowing you to know when’s the perfect time to trade.

A stock chart is an ultimate way to recognise the trends and standing of a business. You can see here why most people are using this tool for their finances. =



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