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Nikki Majors is a fashion blogger, Instagram star, and personal stylist. She was born on in the United States of America. She has worked with various fashion brands in the past. She enjoys an estimated net worth of around $400 thousand dollars till date. Of American nationality, Nikki lives in Los Angeles.

She has worked with the likes of stylist Priscilla Presley, stylist Rebecca Corbin-Murray, wardrobe supervisor for Aniston and stylist Courtney Mays. She is also well known for having love affairs with several big names in Hollywood like actor Charlie Sheen, musician Kid Rock, director Tim Burton and actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

Nikki Majors and Charlie Sheen

Nikki Majors continues to keep her personal life very low key and didn’t speak much about it in the past, so there is no much information regarding her affairs and relationships. She was rumored to have had a brief love affair with actor Charlie Sheen back in 2004 after they were seen together in public.

Nikki Majors and Kid Rock

The rumour of them dating started when they both met at the grand opening of a restaurant in Las Vegas back in season three. The couple was once spotted celebrating Valentine’s Day together in New York City after which their relationship status increased and fans started to believe that they might get married soon.

They even attended an award show together and were seen kissing each other there. But later on, she posted a tweet suggesting that it was only one time when they kissed and nothing more happened between them after that incident. They are still friends though.

Nikki Majors and Tim Burton

He met Nikki Majors after a gap of ten years, but they got close quickly and were seen having lunch at a restaurant in Los Angeles. He was then seen giving an arm to her as he helped her into the car park. Their relationship is still under speculation and speculation though.

Nikki Majors and Gwyneth Paltrow

She had always been inspired by Gwyneth Paltrow, even though she was married to Chris Martin at the time. They are known for their strong bond of friendship among them. She also got her an opportunity to attend the Met Gala with her back in 2015 after which they were seen together having a fun night out on several occasions.

There is no much information about where and when Nikki Majors was born, but it is known that she grew up in the United States of America. She also has English descent.

Nikki Majors Career

She started to work at an early age of seven when she worked as a model for American departmental store called Macy’s. She continued to model for them until she turned sixteen when she started working as a personal stylist.

Nikki Majors Instagram

She has over 608k followers on her Instagram account, which is full of videos and images of herself showing off her different styles. She can be seen wearing different kinds of outfits in the past including gowns, crop tops, mini dresses, skirts, shorts and bralettes.

She can be easily recognized by her blue eyes. There are no details about her parents but she once posted a photo on Instagram where it can clearly be seen that she is wearing a wedding ring. She also often posts pictures of her pets on social media.

Nikki Majors Boyfriends

She has been linked with several men in the past including actor Charlie Sheen, musician Kid Rock and director Tim Burton. She was also known to have had an affair with Hollywood star Vin Diesel back in 2016 before they both confirmed that it was just a one-time thing.

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