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Nier Replicant creators also have a few methods up their sleeve to help keep players busy and connected to the game. Aside from the everyday primary quests, they’ve side quests which keep players entertained always. One of these simple side quests is “Life within the Sands” in which a player needs ten Nier Replicant Pink Moonflower seeds. So, where and how to encourage them to complete the job right?

Lucky for you personally, we’ve just the solution to your worry. All you need to do is follow this informative guide. And you’re best to get all of the ten Nier Replicant Pink Moonflower Seeds.


Step Number One Have sufficient garden space

To accomplish this, you must have enough garden space because you can’t just buy Nier replicant pink moonflower seeds from the shop and will need to crossbreed to get hold of them.

To obtain the extra garden space, you’ll have to complete another side quest within the first 1 / 2 of your game, Coming Back to Shopping. However, should you in some way were able to lose out on this quest and also have joined the 2nd phase of the game. Then do not concern yourself since you can even purchase this extra room by purchasing Cultivator’s Guide from the one and only the Village Florist.


Step Two Time for you to make Nier Replicant Indigo Moonflower Seeds

After you have become their hands on the additional garden space, it’s time to search for seeds. Go to the Florist based in the Aerie and purchase 8 Blue Moonflower seeds and seven Gold Moonflower seeds (as many as 15 moonflower seeds). In addition, add Bounty Fertiliser for your garden so the farm yield increases and you can aquire a most from the rare indigo moonflower seeds.

Then, you can begin planting the seeds you’d formerly bought inside a specific pattern (alternating order) to ensure that crossbreeding can happen. Keep in mind that 5 seeds comes in just one row (meaning you’ll be using three rows). Plant blue moonflower seed, gold moonflower seed, on the other hand blue moonflower seed, gold moonflower seed, and lastly yet another blue moonflower seed within the first row. Getting to the 2nd row, start by first planting gold moonflower seed. Then blue moonflower seed, then once more gold moonflower seed, after which you’ll be planting blue moonflower seed. And lastly yet another gold moonflower seed. Finally, for that third row, repeat exactly the same process because the first row, i.e., plant blue moonflower seed, gold moonflower seed, blue moonflower seed, gold moonflower seed, and something last blue moonflower seed. Now, water all of the seeds and wait to allow them to grow.

The harvesting process of these seeds will require 48 hrs. Since within the first 24 hrs, the seeds will sprout, and within the next 24 hrs, the plants will die, providing you with the indigo moonflower seeds you possessed for the following step. However, there’s an alternate for individuals who’re impatient and don’t want to watch for 48 hrs. Become offline in the game and alter your system’s clock to 48 hrs (a couple of days) ahead. Keep in mind that while using Bounty Fertiliser is important because it increases the amount of seeds and means they are sufficient that you should move towards the next phase.


Step Three Time for you to make Nier Replicant Pink Moonflower Seeds

Although you have the indigo moonflower seeds. You still need purchase the red moonflower seeds in the florist in Aerie. Remember that you ought to have as many as 15 seeds. So, that you could plant them within an alternating order as if you did in the last step. Should you stick to the steps properly, you’ll get blue and gold moonflower seeds.


Add some Bounty Fertiliser towards the soil before beginning planting. So, that exist the utmost quantity of rare pink moonflower seeds and finished the search.

When the fertilizer continues to be added. It’s time to use your farming hat and alternatively plant red and indigo moonflower seeds within the three rows. Then, water the seeds, and also you watch for 48 hrs to reap the seeds. But, obviously, you could opt to help make the game offline and skip the 48 hrs by modifying your system’s clock to 2 days ahead.

When the 48 hrs are gone, you will find that the plants have wilted, and you may collect the seeds. However, not every the seeds collected is going to be pink moonflower seeds. Fortunately, with a couple of of those seeds, you will get 10 pink moonflower seeds. To obtain them, you have to plant those you have before (after adding Bounty Fertiliser). Now, wait another 48 hrs to gather them. This time around all of the seeds is going to be pink moonflower seeds. As well as your side quest “Life within the Sands” may have been finished.

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