Mystery of Michael Jackson’s Shoes revealed

Mystery of Michael Jackson’s Shoes revealed

May 29, 2018 6 By Anonymus

Michael Jackson has been the most iconic hero of all times. He has passed on a legendary legacy for many generations to continue. He was a major influence for the hip hop culture and was a massive trend setting icon for the entire world. His death doesn’t let go of his fame and the reverence that is held in the hearts of the people. His popularity remains unmatched. The truth behind the shocking 45 degree tilt is out and the secret hides in Michael Jackson’s shoes and his phenomenal caliber. Michael Jackson’s shoes seemed to be very ordinary but those were a pair of wonder. Those were a pair of handmade anti-gravity shoes which catered in performing the tremendous shows. Read to know more about these magical shoes and the consequences that follow.

Michael Jackson bending 45degrees

How Michael Jackson tilted 45degrees

Jackson was a prodigious star who never failed to put his fans in awe. From his heart throbbing music to stupendous dance moves, he was a paragon of talent. There have been times when Jackson’s performances have left his audiences awe struck.

One of the moments is the shocking 45 degree tilt in the music video ‘SMOOTH CRIMINAL” which was hard to believe. This was hard to digest as a natural move, as it was defying gravity. People believed it to be a sheer specimen of talent, though it was simply a trick. There seemed to be something mysterious about “Michael Jackson’s shoes”.

With a talent so unmatchable, every viewer of the video believed it to be a inartificial act. The revelation of truth was when the mystery of Michael Jackson’s shoes came out. The design of the pair of shoes worn by Jackson and his dance crew was the reason behind the trick.

Michael Jackson shoes design


  1. The makers of this shoe have made these shoe with a peculiar design.Michael Jackson’s anti gravity shoes carry an unseen triangular slot in the sole which easily gets hitched to the nail attached to the ground.
  2. This supported Jackson and crew to perform this mind blowing step. This helped them keep their spine straight even if they leaned for 45 degrees, which is beyond human capacity.

Who knew Jackson would be such a skillful Trickster but with anti gravity shoes?

3. This idea was patented by Michael Jackson himself as it went viral. ‘The Anti-Gravity Shoes’ was the name given to the shoes made of this specific design.

How anti gravity shoes work

Health Consequences of this inspiring but dangerous step :

A lot of people tried copying this very step with Michael Jackson’s shoes but failed, some faced some injuries too. Doctors have claimed that even if this step was done with a technical support, it was too difficult to get pulled off by ordinary people. This step has all the potential to lead to neuroskeletal injuries. It can easily harm the spinal cord, the ankle and other parts of the body. In short, all those body parts which are stressed while the execution of the act.

Any trained or professional dancer can lean till 30 degree; the 45 degree anti gravity lean is almost beyond human tendencies. Jackson apart from passing on the inspiration of going beyond one’s limit, has also passed on the idea to harm oneself physically. Millennial have ended up in severe medical injuries while attempting to make this lean happen. Dr. Manjul Tripathi has claimed that Michael Jackson has been the canon of pop culture. But he also became a challenge to the entire medical fraternity.

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