My Wife Works On Webcams and I Love It – Here’s Why

My Wife Works On Webcams and I Love It – Here’s Why

January 9, 2020 0 By Rahul Pandey

I often get asked these questions from a few of my friends privy to a secret of my life – my wife works on webcams, engages in virtual live sex, sexting and private shows – “Do you feel emotionally cheated?”, “Don’t you feel like this is a breach of trust?”, “Doesn’t it bother you as serious infidelity and affect your self-esteem as a man?” so on and so forth. 

My reply to these and a slew of such similar questions is that “My wife works on webcams and I love it!” Having said that there is no lack of excitement in our married sex life, and we still enjoy every moment together with the same passion as always, albeit all the more (she keeps me curious as each day she springs up a sensual surprise on me.)

So to steer back to the topic of her job, it’s just a webcam performance – art of seduction and flair for erotica if you please! 

My wife is her own boss

The cybersex or the webcam performance by my wife is a no-in-flesh-encounter (no physical contact situation), where she works from the comfort of her home, without having to step out, spending hours shuttling to the far-off workplace, saves tons of money as she doesn’t have to pay for the skyrocketing price of fuel each day, and reduces carbon footprints (an additional, unintentional benefit !)

She is her own boss, making a decent amount of money and provides much-needed respite to her regular clientele as well as those who are new in the territory, testing waters. I feel proud that they take an instant shine to my lovely wife, despite her choice to keep her face out of the frame as a way of maintaining a boundary.

I feel appreciative and supportive of her choice of profession

She uses a trusted, legit digital platform for virtual sex service, as a performer. She has turned adult work into not just a titillation for her customers but also invested heavily in it, in terms of sincere efforts, dedicated hours, a disciplined schedule, and brings into play an interesting mix of vibrators, dildos, ticklers, whips, handcuffs, and other sex toys to keep things fun and exciting! Never a dull moment when this girl boss is at work!

More power to the pack of these women

An adult job or working in an adult industry can be looked down upon as a fraught term but for both me and my wife, it is a great option that offers a lucrative amount of money. 

Also, it extends beyond just the means of earning to pay bills for the necessities or upgrade our lifestyle. Of course, it seems like only yesterday that we were sitting in a restaurant and saw a flashy car pass by, aspiring to own it. Back then, we were a single income family. Cut to next 2 years, we pooled our savings together, and now we have the top model of the same snazzy car and an enviable sound system with an earth-shattering bass that comes with it!

Apart from the financial freedom, my wife feels a sense of emancipation and security that the money she is making now would be a decent nest-egg or a means to forwarding her career graph in future. 

Also, we both unanimously believe that this choice of career is slowly but surely destigmatizing sex and normalizing it for women to assert their needs in bed. It has also helped many other women to break out of the shell of submissiveness, and a skewed sense of propriety,  associated with being a woman and living up to some archaic moral standards.

More power to my wife and many women like her who are doing what feels right to them, to steer their lives in the direction of their choice. 


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