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The idea of moving to Los Angeles is spirit-stirring before you have to handle all aspects associated with relocation. Hiring movers Los Angeles-based, packing everything, changing the address for banks and other institutions, and so on — your head might be spinning from handling all tasks at the same time. Yet still, you should be wondering about living in LA, California: lifestyle and living costs, weather and entertainment options in the City of Angels. Let us get all this straightened out.

Are You Thinking about Moving to Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is the internationally-known entertainment industry center. With over 4 million residents, Los Angeles is rightfully considered one of the best cities in California for many reasons, including fantastic climate and proximity to the ocean, employment market, and cultural diversity.

Moving to Los Angeles you should realize that living in LA differs from the advertising videos and striking pictures you see online or in movies. Actually, life in the City of Angels is even better because everyone can find a neighborhood to match the requirements, from urban and energetic areas to peaceful and tree-lined family communities.    

Los Angeles Relocation Guide

Once you have chosen a place to live in Los Angeles, you should be curious about all the aspects of daily life in the city. While property prices are pretty high, the unique LA spirit pays off lavishly: enchanting beaches on the Pacific coast, state-of-the-art skyscrapers that accommodate some of the largest high-tech companies, excellent educational institutions, and limitless recreational opportunities.

Before you start looking for the best moving companies in California, LA neighborhood options should be scrutinized as they differ in lifestyle, facilities, and the cost of living.You can find quiet family-oriented communities (Eagle Rock, Brentwood, Westside, or Cheviot Hills), never-sleeping urban areas (Downtown LA, Playa del Rey, Highland Park), and neighborhoods full of noisy college students (Westwood, Palms and Culver City, and Santa Monica).  

The guide below reveals the major factors to keep in mind before making such a big move.

Los Angeles Lifestyle

If you are a healthy lifestyle advocate, you will fit the LA community perfectly. Mindful healthy eating, multiple outdoor sports facilities, gyms, and aquatics of all sorts — LA residents don’t have a shortage of recreational and sports activities.

Some of the best beaches on the Pacific coast, including Santa Monica, Huntington Beach, Malibu, and Venice Beach, are ideal for both beach lovers and surfers.  

Local parks offer countless hiking and biking trails stretched across picturesque landscape: the Griffith Park, The Wisdom Tree and Cahuenga Peak on Hollywood Hills, Malibu Creek State Park, and the Mulholland Scenic Overlook that offers a breathtaking view on the city.  

It comes as no surprise that top-notch restaurants run by world-renowned chefs are concentrated in the Los Angeles area: you can easily bump into celebrities while having a dinner downtown LA. Chill out, you are going to be an LA resident soon.   

The downside of living in LA is the transportation across the city. The truth is that you need to have a car to move around — you need to be ready to spend a great deal of time in traffic jams. Authorities strive to improve the network of public transportation and some improvements are evident but there is still much work to be done.

Working in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles employment market is well known for plenty of high-paid job offers; however, it is very competitive. If you think about how to move to Los Angeles and get a better paid job, you’d better hunt for a job beforehand.

The job market is represented by such giant employers as Google, ChowNow, Headspace, Hulu and many other (500+) large corporations. Besides high-tech companies, healthcare, tourism, construction, and manufacturing are among the top industries.

Add here some other solid employers, including The Walt Disney Co., AECOM Technology Corp., Edison International, Kaiser Permanente, Target Corp., Boeing Co., Home Depot, AT&T Inc., California State University, SpaceX, Bank of America Corp, and many others.

Los Angeles Weather

California’s mild climate attracts people not only from the country but from all over the globe too. Gorgeous beaches, green palm alleys, and soft winters are quite solid reasons to consider moving to the state. As for Los Angeles, residents divide the year into two seasons, wet (or rainy, from November to March) and dry (from April to October).

Despite the fantastic weather, Los Angeles is infamous for its smog. Situated in a basin located between mountains, LA is a large industrial hub with all ensuing consequences — emissions from multiple large plants and a myriad of cars reside in the basin and impinge on the air quality.  

Thanks to environmental activists warning of global warming and general city development towards a healthier environment, there is a noticeable progress in this aspect.

Living Costs in Los Angeles

The high cost of living in Los Angeles is an open secret — roughly, life in LA is 43% more expensive than the country’s average; however, a bit cheaper than in New York.

To feel comfortable in Los Angeles, you need an annual income of no less than $75,000 – $80,000 per person.  Surely, you can live in LA on a budget: sharing an apartment in a budget-friendly neighborhood with roommates, using a network of public transportation, and enjoying public recreational and sports facilities.

Property prices are notably higher than the average across the US. Based on the data provided by, the average home rate per square foot in LA is $651; property prices vary significantly and depend primarily on the neighborhood with the median sold home price of $951,600 in August 2022. Young professionals usually opt for rent — the average rate for a 1-bedroom apartment in LA is around $2,175. In fact, renting an apartment in neighborhoods like Echo Park, Westlake, and Pico-Union is more budget-friendly and costs around $1,600.  

Living in the center of the global entertainment industry can’t be cheap; hence, you should get ready for expenses in advance. For instance, the utility bill is around $125/month for a small apartment and the average pass rate is approximately $100.  Healthcare in LA is a bit cheaper compared to some other large cities, though.  

Now that you’ve got a better idea of living in LA, it is high time to look for movers in Los Angeles. Do not forget to do research, read customer reviews, and check movers’ history records via FMCSA before you hire a company. Reputable licensed movers headquartered in California usually have busy schedules, so do not postpone requesting a free moving quote.

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