Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

Today the android phone is on-demand and people get the same feature as an IOS, even though there are many best android app which is unique and important, and trust me if you are going to buy an Apple IOS mobile, then firstly you have to try android features and application. So read this article to know more amazing information about the best Android app and phones.

As we all know over the years we have seen many good changes in the Play store which released new apps on their store and all those apps are very helpful and important, maximum people use those best android apps which makes their work easier, so let’s talk about those best android application.

List of best Android apps-

  1. Google Maps
  2. Twitter
  3. Disney
  4. Spotify
  5. Social media platforms, Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook
  6. Whatsapp

Let’s discuss these apps in deeply-

Google Maps-

As we all know this one is the most important application we get on android phones, and I am sure that everyone uses this app, it is a very useful app with which to reach out at your location.

Google Maps is staple and go-to-map software for mobile which navigates you after adding your destination location from your place. Even you can check nearby places for example- if you are looking for food, gas, petrol, anything just you need to search it in the search bar, then Google Maps show you nearby food, gas, and petrol places according to your location. Plus you can rate another place that you already visited or you can add pictures of that place whether you like it or not.


Twitter is the best place where you can get any new update, even it shows you everything seems to happen instantly, you can follow the person like the prime minister, actor, actress, and political person, you can follow anyone if you want to, then Twitter will show you every update of that person. This application is best for those people who love to see instant updates related to our world, country, and nearby places.


Today maximum people prefer to watch shows and movies on an online platform through their phones so here is the best android app which is Disney.

Disney holds the largest diary of film, shows, cartoons, news, and everything all over the world, even though there is Disney+ too. If you love to spend free time with movies and shows, then you must need to add this app to your android list, it is a chargeable app that gives 7 days with the free trial and the cost for one month plan is $6.99 for a month and $80 for the year, there are more plans too, so go and check it.


Most of the time people search and download the app for songs, but android makes this easier for you, they provide you Spotify app in which you don’t need to pay any amount, and you can listen to your favorite song, this is the best music platform where you find every type of songs in different languages.

So go and try it, but I want to clear you that Spotify is a free app but if you want to listen to add free songs, then you need to buy a subscription, so if you are a music lover then you have to add this app in your list.

Social media platforms Instagram, Facebook, TikTok-

Today we all are on social media platforms where we post our pictures, video, daily life things, and status, so we all already know about Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok, where we can see other person updates as well, and we can post our updates too. There are many things to do on all these platforms.

It is a new generation thing where we can see other reels, bio, pictures, and status, and if we add them, so they can also see all these updates.

The important thing is that all these social media platforms are already used by most people and they come in the best android app, even IOS best app too.


The Google play store has no storage for messaging apps, but WhatsApp gives you end-to-end encryption which is the best and most secure feature. It provides you with many features like you can send and receive messages, pictures, audio, notes, calls, video calls, documents, everything, just with a single platform, and I know that you already added this best android app to your device.

End words-

Application is important in every device, and all these applications make every human work easy, just we need an internet connection and we can do anything with apps, but above I discussed the best android app which mostly used by people, there are many more in the list but above apps are important for android device and for every human.

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