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Most popular casino minigame

Minigames are growing increasingly popular. As a result, I decided to review the most popular minigames based on their popularity. In this writing, I’ll go through the best minigames, such as Yeti Icefield, teleport games, chicken games, and dino games. Read the reviews below to find out why the games listed are worth playing.

What are minigames?

To begin, let’s define mini-games. New gamers sometimes confuse them with slot machines. This is incorrect! When it comes to integrating fast-paced games, the gaming industry has been increasingly popular in recent years. Such games cater to people who want rapid winnings! You may play it while strolling, waiting for someone, or traveling, so you can do it whenever you like! There are basic guidelines that you will comprehend at first sight.

Here are the examples of such games:

Dino game

chicken game

Ice-Field Game

A teleport







Dice etc.

The most popular crash game – Dino

Dino is a crash game that has grown in popularity owing to Mystake Casino in France and Latin America. You may win a lot of money with Dino in this high-paying game. Everything is up to chance!

crash game

The visuals are excellent and provide an enjoyable gaming experience. There is also the option of placing two bets, one of which acts as insurance to protect against losses. The dino game provides a possibility for a rapid win. So try your luck while also remembering to insure your bets.

The most famous game – chicken game

The most well-known and well-liked game is called “Chicken.” This gorgeous creation has won over the world, especially France! This chicken game has become well-known because of its popularity on social media, particularly on TikTok and YouTube.

chicken game

I made the decision to play the chicken game at Mystake Casino based on these remarks. It’s enjoyable and really simple. Making money is simple if you play the chicken game!

Minigame Icefield Yeti

With its lovely visuals and adorable Yeti avatar, the minigame Icefield has become more and more well-liked. It distinguishes itself from other games by its straightforwardness and enjoyable rules. All of the aforementioned elements have made it so popular and in demand among the players.


These are the benefits of the Yeti game: Players may set the size of each field in the Icefield game, which affects the odds and potential rewards. As a result, everything is customized to the player and his preferences.

New game – teleport

Teleport game, created by Upgaming, is the newest game that you should play. Fun instances, particularly the old scientist bringing the game to life, distinguish teleportation games. This game features a high RTP (99%) and a payout mechanism. You may also choose the number of fields and the style of game you want to play.


My only complaint is that the visual icons are very tiny. However, everything appears to be in order!

Big winners in minigames

Most RTPs (up to 99%) are found in mini games, as you may have heard. So, you would be curious to see if anyone has profited greatly from any of these. Yes, there are a lot, to sum up the answer.

A large number of people filmed their significant winnings and uploaded them to their YouTube or Twitch accounts. MyStake videos and mini-games may be found everywhere, including on TikTok, the most widely used platform. On its Twitter and Discord channels, MyStake Casino often publishes the most successful games. Rarely, large winnings go beyond €10,000 and can even approach €100,000.

Where to play minigames?

Where to play the teleport, ice field, dino, or chicken minigames may be on your mind. Given its worldwide popularity, I suggest Mystake Casino.

This is the most trustworthy place to try your luck, I can state with certainty.


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