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Considering Lease -To-Own Tires

When one considers rent-to-own tires, there are multiple factors that must be given importance. Some car owners miss out on a few aspects and regret the purchase later on. When one is considering replacing tires lease to own option is increasingly becoming popular. Replacing the entire tire is an expensive affair, and hence, lease-to-own tires are considered an ideal alternative. It is necessary to avoid certain common mistakes while investing in rent-to-own tires.

Failing to understand the quality factors

Tires have varying quality aspects that change to cater to specific requirements and needs. Some tires can carry more weight than others, while others can function faster than the rest. Thus, a car owner seeking lease-to-own tires must be aware of the specific needs and configurations of the vehicle. Furthermore, the driving patterns must also be considered to filter the buying options. This is a basic requirement, but a lot of people ignore it, only to regret it later.

Ignoring tires with an adequate speed rating

Depending on how fast one drives, he/she should accordingly invest in rent-to-own tires. There is a TRS or Tire Speed Rating, that determines how much intensity of speed can be handled by the tires without getting blown out or expanding. There are specific ratings available in the form of letters in the speed rating chart. For instance, the letter “H” indicates the tires can handle a speed of up to 130 miles per hour. When a vehicle owner plans to install updated and high-speed tires, the lease-to-own option can be cost-effective. The majority of people seem to be unaware of the importance of speed rating when considering tires for a car.

Investing in wrong-size tires

Everyone wants the tires they invest in to fit perfectly on the rims. There are several rent-to-own tire options available to figure out the ideal match for the wheels. Before visiting the stores and deciding on the final option, one can utilize an online visualizer and even chat with professional tire experts to get hold of the perfect rent-to-own tires for their vehicles quickly and without hassles. Investing in the wrong-size tires is a common scenario. This is mostly because people fail to realize the height of tires should be measured from the sidewall to the tread of the car. Instead, people measure it from the ground to the highest point. Hence, people end up purchasing the wrong-size lease-to-own tires.

Investing in tires for the wrong season

A car owner is well-aware that every car tire is specifically designed for different seasons. Buying new tires for every season is practically not possible, especially for those on a limited budget. This is where people consider lease-to-own tires and ensure safety is maintained throughout the year with optimal tire quality and performance. In this case, one is considering the all-seasons tires lease to own program, which seems like a wise decision. There is no need to invest in renting for every season. But if someone lives in an area where it snows profusely, considering winter tires for additional stability and grip on the road is important. Rent-to-own car tires make things easier in such situations.

Ignoring adequate load index rating of tires

Similar to the speed rating of tires, the index rating also plays an important role. The majority of car owners seem to be unaware of this aspect. They seem to miss out on considering the load index rating when considering the rent-to-own tire option. The rating scale helps to determine the potential of the tires before exploding and causing dire consequences on the road. When one is calculating and assessing the maximum weight one wants for the tires, there are certain aspects to consider. Apart from the weight of the car, the number of passengers and the load on the trunk area must be taken into account in the assessment. Ignoring the load index rating of tires is a grave mistake that the majority of people commit.


The above-mentioned are some of the mistakes people make while considering lease-to-own tires. They are avoidable if you have a basic understanding of certain technical specifications of different car tires and have the urge to learn more about them. Tires are an important investment, whether one is buying new ones or considering rent-to-own them. When planning to replace tires lease to own is always given a preference because of the cost-effectiveness of the program. Similar to mortgage loans, one has to make monthly fixed payments and avoid paying an upfront amount.

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