9 mind blowing human psychology facts interesting enough to question reality

9 mind blowing human psychology facts interesting enough to question reality

August 3, 2018 10 By Anonymus

The human brain is the most complex structure in the body as the brain functions govern the rule for other parts of the body. The human brain weight is only 2% of the complete body but controlling only this part can control your complete body.
When we try to create the similar structure and alike machine in the laboratory, then it is realized how amazing the human brain is!
There are some strange mysteries that we face in everyday life are yet to be discovered. They actually bring us closer to the answer of reality. From the question what do dreams apply compared to the slight consciousness after death, everything has a deep meaning when researched consciously. In this blog, you will know some of the unknown and mind-blowing human psychology facts interesting enough to know your reality!

human psychology facts interesting

Interesting facts about dreams and what they mean:


There are many dream theorists who claim different theories related to the experience of dreams. The psychology of dreams has some of the researched phenomena like:

    • Dreams are related to the thoughts of a person to some extent. You can research it that the kind of thoughts you have consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously, it will be projected in your dreams in some form.
    • Men and women have completely different types of dreams. Women’s dream mostly includes rejection, conversation with people but men’s include more aggression and physical activities.

    • Even blind people dream: People who are blind since birth also have visual projections but they do not know how to interpret them. However, it is clear that during the REM cycle of sleep blind people do have eyeball movements. Research shows the visual system is active even in the embryo.
    • You can actually control your dreams. Lucid dreaming is a mind-blowing phenomenon in which the person is conscious of the dream. Here, the person can consciously control the dream according to the will. Know here how to do Lucid dreaming.
    • Dreams have symbolic meaning about the unconscious thoughts and desires in everyday life.
    • Dreaming while sleeping is better for the memory functioning. In a research, competitors had to solve a maze. People who napped before the second attempt solved the maze much well.
    • We dream to forget: The neocortex reviews all the connections and removes the unnecessary ones. This helps in overwriting of the brain from unwanted signals.


  • Dreams are the best solutions for solving problems. The mind can create limitless scenarios when compared to conscious thinking where you may not consider certain ones.

  The law of attraction studies that will amaze you:

human psychology facts interesting

It is a spiritual belief that like attracts the like. The famous actor Will Smith has said: “Thoughts are things”. By this, he implies that thoughts are actually manifested in real life. It is quite easy to feel good when things are going in your way in life. But the hardest part is raising the vibration in a difficult and challenging situation.

People came to know about the law of attraction from the famous book “Secret”. However, the law has misguided people because it has been told differently by the people.

How the law of attraction works:

Human psychology facts interesting

As mentioned in the book “Secret”, if you want anything in life, think of it continuously, again and again, it will tune with the frequency of your desire and it will be manifested. The law of attraction does not happen this way. Taking the example of a poor child, a poor child continuously thinks of food but still has to sleep empty stomach. Does the law of attraction has any boundation? No, actually it does not work this way.


According to science, if you are continuously thinking of something and if it exists you will perceive it in your reality just because you were thinking of it. However what if the thing does not exist there? You are imagining an American Car in Delhi! No matter how intensely you think, it will not happen because it does not exist in the reality. When you are thinking of something, your consciousness is constantly looking for the thing. If it is present there, your attention will catch it. Your thought is not actually manifesting the desire. The reality is happening on its own way. It is just that your mind is constantly thinking of something and if that ‘something’ is present in the reality, your focus is diverted to it.

There is nothing such as positive or negative waves. Everything is energy interpreted by us only in different ways. However, the law of attraction as explained can do wonders in real life. By constantly thinking of what you want to achieve is the key to motivate yourself to work for it.

Placebo effect psychology:

Human psychology facts interesting

It is an unexplained phenomenon wherein drugs, medical treatments, and therapies that aren’t supposed to have an effect and are often fake, miraculously improve the patient’s health and make him feel better. The placebo treatments often include sugar tablets, water injections, and other normal pills. They are made to convince people that they are getting well. It is actually the patient’s own belief that triggers more psychological factors including stress releasing hormones like endorphins.

The placebo effect works in 45% of cases. It is all about convincing your own mind what you want and the brain triggers signals in that way to make you feel the same.

Examples of placebo effects:

    1. Sleep Placebo: By convincing your brain that you have slept well is the best way to recover from laziness and dizziness.
    2. Living long: You can convince your brain to live long. The better you convince more are the chances it will happen.

  1. Reducing anxiety and blood pressure using the placebo effect.

The subconscious mind makes the decision much earlier than your conscious mind:

Human psychology facts interesting

In a recent experiment, some people were taken into an MRI lab. They were asked to decide which hand they want to use to press the button. By fMRI scan, it was found that the researchers knew the decision 7 seconds earlier than the participant made the conscious decision. There is a lot of information and memories available in the brain. It is just that the subconscious mind has more access to this part. That is why sometimes we feel right or wrong much before making a conscious decision because of this subconscious intuition. It has a lot of information and it acts so quickly to give you an intuition.

Consciousness after death:

Human psychology facts interesting

“Even when you are dead, you are conscious that you are dead”

The neuroscientists have continuously studied the near-death experiences of people. They have found some amazing results. Even when the body stops showing any signs of life, the heart stops pumping and the consciousness remains. Some patients who were declared clinically dead but finally revived stated that they could hear the complete conversations between doctors and nurses in the room. Some claimed to see their own bodies. This research gives a new way to understand the concept that the body is different from consciousness. They just work together to make us perceive the reality the way it seems. Everybody has to face death. Hence understanding consciousness is the key to understanding reality and hence “Death”.

Binaural beats meditation:

Human psychology facts interesting

What comes to the mind of a person when we talk about meditation? It is much as crossing the legs and sitting in a still position with a straight back. It is difficult to practice meditation in the early stages and people often give up. Science has understood the phenomenon of meditation and made simple techniques that can be followed by anyone.
Binaural beats work on the simple principle of inducing brain waves. The human brain uses electricity to send signals from one part to another. Different brain waves are associated with different states of consciousness. Hence binaural beats are actually frequencies that cause the brain to resonate at the same frequency of the binaural beat. This is an easy way to raise the consciousness as done in meditation. Binaural beats are proved to have a positive effect in making people concentrate better, focus clearly as well as develop a higher intuition. Listening to high-frequency sounds has amazing health and psychological benefits.


Déjà Vu:

Almost all people experience Deja Vu in everyday lives. It is a very strong sensation that you have lived the situation before also. It seems the same incident has happened before. There are a lot of theories behind this. Some people even claim that for some moment you are transferred to the parallel universe. However, scientists have researched this and came out with some partial explanation!

Human psychology facts interesting

Why does Déjà vu happen?

Memories in the brain are stored in the form of images. Hence if any of a similar situation arises that is related to the fuzzy memories it feels that it has happened before. The sensation is stronger if the memory of the person is good. That is why Déjà Vu occurs mostly in young people who have a good memory.

Baader Meinhof phenomenon:

It happens to most of the people that you see a particular information may be a word or name and you start hearing about it repeatedly. It is like “Oh I heard that yesterday”! Is it a coincidence? Suddenly something new happens in your experience and it starts happening again and again.

The logic is that the cognitive part of the brain inflates the recent stimuli or observation. It means that when you recently see an unfamiliar word or situation, it creates a deep impression in the brain. Subconsciously your brain is holding that piece of information and that is why your brain immediately catches the attention of that information when it is present somewhere again. It is not that because you observed that information earlier so it is occurring again and again. It is just that you are more conscious towards that piece of information.

Multiple personality disorder:

Human psychology facts interesting

You are unaware that you have more than one personality in yourselves. The sad part is no one is conscious of these personalities. Every person changes its personalities according to situations and people. The term disorder is associated because often multiple personalities in a person can have adverse effects. There are many examples of innocent people who are unaware of evil personalities lying in them. This takes a bad turn when the evil personality starts to harm the society. Although it is a rare disorder but the fact that everyone has a lot of people hiding in them is completely true.

Final words:

Human psychology is still a wonder to the science. Most of the phenomenon is yet unresolved. Stay updated with this blog to read more about the mind-blowing phenomenon. Thank you for reading and your opinion in the comment box will be highly appreciated.



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