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Why recreation is very important? 

Mental Health: How to start relaxing

Many people complain that only on the fifth day of vacation do they begin to relax. But what if it’s only five days? What if it’s just a weekend, but rest and recuperation are necessary?

If we’re talking about a vacation, you’re very tired and want to recover as much as possible, it should last at least a week. A new country and the need to explore it is unlikely to help you fully relax if you are exhausted in every way. In that case, choose a resort town with the possibility of lazy rest and relaxing walks. Do not force yourself to do anything, listen to your desires. If you’re afraid to completely fall out of the social networks – keep a kind of travel notes. Make sure you spend the last two days of your vacation (one day per weekend) as a vacation with no obligations or plans.

7 Tips for Relax 

Seek new emotions

The cold, the dark, the dirt and chaos in the house, the lack of sleep provoke bouts of gluttony – proven by scientific research. And on the weekend, as a rule, overeating reaches its peak. So it is extremely important to do something to occupy yourself. 

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Practice mindfulness

It’s not about spiritual practices, but rather self-observation. Weed out the mental garbage: thoughts that lead nowhere, replaying situations you can’t influence, ruminating on old problems, groundless fears. Come up with a stop word and when your brain throws up one of the above topics, say it instantly and switch to being present in the present moment.

Play your favorite music

Ten minutes of good music can be the most effective meditation and also acts as a cardio workout for the brain: it strengthens blood vessels, improves memory and imagination. Develop a sense of music – there is melody in all the sounds around us, we’re just used to thinking of them as noise.

Find a fascinating book

Mental Health: How to start relaxing

The best way to occupy the brain. Especially good are books with an intricate plot: detectives, adventure novels. Many choose a light read for vacation, but most of the time such a book wants to just flip through, thinking about his own. Good to read books about travel, especially if you move a lot: it turns out to catch a rhythm, mood, excitement. Great in the evenings to watch movies in the road movie genre. For a week’s vacation, you can read Jack Kerouac’s novel “On the Road”. When unforeseen difficulties arise, or fatigue sets in, ask yourself: what would the main character do? Be inspired by his determination.

Don’t neglect physical activity

On vacation, I walked more than twenty thousand steps every day. This is the best therapy for emotional fatigue, a great way to calm down and find balance. Long walks will help you fall asleep easily, you will always have a good appetite, inner vigor, energy will appear. Bonus: the opportunity to enjoy delicious food and not think about the extra pounds.

Take the routine out of your life

For rest to work, it’s not enough to replace one routine with another. For example, if all week does not get up because of the computer, and on the weekend wash a mountain of dishes that have accumulated during this time – it will not be rest. And the fact that while a person is scrubbing the pot, he’s not sitting in a work chat doesn’t mean anything.

Cleaning can be a form of recreation for some people. The difference is whether this activity adds strength or helps restore it. For example, if trying to get rid of trash and unnecessary things makes a person happy, it’s a vacation, and if you don’t like mopping floors and wiping down lamps, it’s better to call a cleaner and spend your free time going to the movies.

There are no specific activities that will make anyone rested. Some people are relaxed by yoga in the fresh air, while others are freaked out by the fact that on their day off they have to get up and drag themselves to the park with a mat. That’s why relaxation is any activity that improves one’s physical or psychological well-being. Watching two seasons of a soap opera on a weekend is fine if one feels better afterward. But if he spent the entire weekend on the couch, and he still feels tired on Monday, it means that the vacation didn’t work out.

Change your appearance and social circle

When you live for years according to one algorithm, the picture of the world becomes blurred, and the joy of each day passes. Wait with the reproaches of banality: psychologists have found that even clothes can completely change our mood and behavior. For example, if you ask a person to wear a white coat, he will automatically perform the assigned work more carefully. Shy girl, dressed in tomboy style, squares her shoulders and feels more confident.

Arranged dramatic reforms can be not only in clothes but also in behavior and social circle. If among your friends and acquaintances is a man that you clearly or secretly admire and would like to learn something from him (for example, to make connections and communicate easily with people, run a household or business) – become his partner for a day. Observe, learn and help. 

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