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A Comparison of Nextech and Medilinks EMR Systems, Which Software Is Best for Your Practice?

Nextech and Medilinks are two top medical records software providers. They have different features that they offer to their customers. This article compares the features that these two software providers offer to help you make a decision on which one is better for you, Nextech and Medilinks are two leading providers of healthcare IT solutions.

Both companies have been around for a long time, and they have established themselves as the top players in the industry. Medilinks is a company that offers healthcare services, while Nextech focuses on software solutions. Medilinks also provides clinical software solutions, while Nextech provides software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions.

Both of them are very similar, but some key differences make one a better choice for your practice.

Medilinks is software that many medical practices have used because it is easy to use and provides an interface that is easy to navigate. It also offers a variety of tools and features, including Billing, scheduling, and patient management tools.

Nextech is less user-friendly than Medilinks, but it offers more advanced features such as electronic health record (EHR) integration, integrated Billing, and automated drug prescription generation.

How Medilinks is a Better Choice?

Medilinks has been a leading Australian software developer specializing in meeting the needs of Health Professionals since 1989. Today we provide the most exciting, flexible, and value-added software applications for specialists, hospital departments/practices, GPs, and Allied Health Professionals, from the small to the vast and multi-site trials.  Medilinks group and items dislike the rest. The program is fully-featured but at a cost that astounds the rest. Judge for yourself.

Designed for small practices to large hospitals, it is a practice management tool that assists with customizable letter templates, patient tracking, e-prescriptions, etc.

The top Medilink EHR Features

3rd-Party Integration

Medilinks is renowned for its user-friendly interfaces to third parties that provide clinicians with the most reliable platform. The Integration improves the effectiveness and performance of clinics. It offers a single platform through which doctors can access all crucial information about patients in one location. Instant access to test data and health history and medications are made available through this system to manage patients.

Patient Engagement Tools

The provider does an excellent job involving the patients as part of their treatment. Participation increases the probability of positive results and the possibility of scalability in clinical care and reimbursement. Satisfied clients translate into a profitable clinical practice. To help patients engage, it comes with an interactive portal for patients and a configurable charting system, quick SOAP note-taking, and voice transcription. These Medilinks EHR capabilities can create important face-to-face contacts.

Claim Management

Medilinks EHR allows you to treat clients regularly without compromising therapeutic effectiveness. In addition, you’ll be able to manage your earnings through powerful revenue management tools. It helps in the processing of payments, and it is not only for billing processing but also for other methods. It also includes high-end tools for analyzing the process of managing claims from scratch.


The interoperability program is another option to add to the list. In simple terms, interoperability refers to the ability to share information across healthcare networks. It designs to connect healthcare providers, and it also allows doctors to exchange information with big-scale organizations worldwide to give top-quality treatment. 

This feature is accessible through Medilinks EHR. There’s a device that lets you consult experts from all over the globe via an encrypted interface without compromising patient privacy.

Medilink Pricing

Medilink evaluation begins at $950.00 per client as a one-time installment. There is a free version, and Medilinks does not offer a free trial. See additional pricing details below.


Pros: overall reviews are positive, medilinks clients have better communication, eliminate the risk of misinterpretation, it saves time and energy.

Cons: Medilinks medical Billing software has numerous advantages, but like every other medical software, it has a few disadvantages. It experiences a little with regards to Billing.

How Nextech Emr can Help You Grow Your Business?

Nextech EMR is a complete healthcare technology solution designed for specialty providers. From 1997 on, Nextech has focused on providing intuitive, intelligent integrated solutions that enable specialists to increase efficiency, improve charting accuracy, and boost overall practice profitability. Nextech conveys in excess of 11,000 doctors and in excess of 4,000 practices across the strengths of Ophthalmology, Plastic Surgery Dermatology, and Orthopedics. Engage your patients using a HIPAA-compliant patient portal.

Nextech knows that each doctor has their own needs that need to be met through the Practice Management and EMR vendor to meet and surpass the needs of their patients and the healthcare industry in general. Nextech continues to improve its products by incorporating specialists’ strategic and thoughtful input. Its Electronic Medical Record and Practice Management software is fully integrated to increase workflow efficiency, monitor the practice’s revenue, improve patient engagement and boost productivity by utilizing its unique mobile platform.

The Key Features of Nextech

Scheduling capabilities

See and set up schedules for every procedure room, provider equipment, and any mix of them, including multi-location, multi-provider, and multi-resource scheduling features, as well as limit or warning settings for multiple appointments.

Appearance Tools

Transfer appointments using cutting, pasting, and copying or dropping them by dragging. A first available appointment finder saves time. Automated texts remind patients of their appointments, and responses automatically make the schedule more accurate.

Capabilities for Charting

Quick charting with adaptable templates to suit different specialties makes it easier. Users can look over charts and notes and refill prescriptions anytime, anywhere.


The revenue cycle management system streamlines claims management, patient access, and appeals and denials.

Patient Portal

Users can pay bills and access health history and insurance information. Analytics You can access patient-related details like demographics and patterns in the practice’s performance to better understand the general health of the business and maximize profit.


Nextech EMR’s SMB and undertaking valuing data is accessible exclusively by quote. Contact the company for more details, and ask for your selection.


pros: The benefit is the practice manager. It is very user-friendly. It offers almost any kind of financial report you may be looking for.

cons: The doctors complain they have to go through too many steps and it takes too long.


The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a medical record system is that it should have the ability to handle multiple patients at one time. It should also have the ability to integrate with other methods such as patient portals, electronic records, and billing services. The right medical record software can help your practice grow in efficiency and productivity while providing you with peace of mind that your patient data is secure and confidential. As we discuss above, both EMRs, have their pros and cons. You can choose according to your requirements.


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