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If your dream is to become a professional in Counter Strike 1.6, but you’ve only just reached the level of a good player, then this article is for you. As you understand, when you reach a certain skill level, you’ll be able to participate in tournaments. This is an integral part of this shooter, because then you can take part in international championships where you can get a good money reward for winning. Of course, to reach this level is not easy, and it requires a lot of time, because you have to spend all your free time training, Cs 1.6 download from here.

The more time you devote to the game, the faster you will achieve the desired result. In addition to practice, you can watch the game more experienced gamers, learn from them, advise and analyze every game, but of course download professional cs 1.6 from our website. But the best practice is taking part in tournaments, which we will talk to you about in this article.

CS 1.6 eSports

As many gamers already know, the whole component of eSports discipline in Counter Strike is built on tournaments where a huge number of teams from all over the world participate. Of course, that in international tournaments only true professionals who have passed many qualifying rounds and have earned the right to reach such a high level. To understand how difficult it is, and how it’s done, we decided to draw a parallel between poker gamers in online tournaments and real life battles in the virtual world.

Cybersport and Counter-Strike 1.6

All tournaments are very different and structured in many ways from poker tournaments. First and foremost there is no Olympic system. Counter Strike tournaments have their own distinct scheme: lose-lose-lose, win-lose. Between matches, players are given a short break during which they can assign roles to the team, think of tactics and even predict who they will face now. This is a very good thing, as such actions are the key to victory. In poker it’s quite different, with everyone fighting for one small pool at a time. They have small breaks, about 10 minutes each, and the game lasts exactly one hour. The number of opponents is 9 people who sit at the same table.


In cybersport, it’s the other way round. There are two teams that are actively competing against each other. If you lose then you forget about participating in the tournament, if you win then you go on to your goal. There are tournaments where gamers are given two chances, but it’s very rare, so give your best in the first game. If it’s an online tournament, you never know who you are going to face, because there is no limit on the number of participants from all over the world. In a real tournament, when you face your opponents face to face, the tension is at its highest. Every game counts, and gamers should not be distracted during this time. You have to collect your thoughts, be very attentive, remember everything you know, and go into battle, where the strongest wins.

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