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What can you do to make your next big press release more appealing? Many experts say that public relations images have a 100 percent chance of being successful. The only requirement is that the photos be identical. Why is it so difficult to choose the right images?

Suggestions for Choosing Images

Here are a few pointers on how to make the most of images in a press release. If you want your work to get seen by the media, heed the recommendations in this article.

Always pay attention to the captions.

Photo captions are often neglected by newer members of the public relations team. The audience will be deprived of valuable information if you fail to provide captions with your photos. Did you know that when it comes to reading comprehension, captions outperform the text by a whopping 16 percent? Using a larger or bolder caption text than the body copy is suggested. This is how you can verify that your photographs get the relevant captions:

Keep your description of the image to a minimum. For example, the date, location, time, and context linked to the image should be provided to your reader.

Complete sentences should be used while writing captions. A sensation of immediacy is created when the content is written in the present tense rather than the past.

Captions should be as succinct as possible. It only takes a few sentences to get your point across.

Keep in mind that you must identify the people in the photograph.

  1. Engage the services of a professional photographer.

Press release photographs should only be used if you have the right to do so or if you have permission from the owner to use/modify them. Your images will be high-quality and copyrighted if you hire a professional photographer to take them. Having a conversation with a photographer ahead of time about the subject matter of your press release is vital.

It is always possible to take your own images if you have a limited budget for hiring a professional photographer. For this reason, you’ll have to be a little more imaginative in tailoring your headline and subhead to your intended audience’s interests and needs. Using photographs under a Creative Commons license is also an option. You don’t have to pay for permission to publish them.

Avoid using low-quality images in your posts.

Keep an eye out for image quality and structure when preparing a press release to include it. Dark or blurry photos are always rejected by professional journalists. The effects on your audience will be disastrous as well.

Utilize eye-catching infographics.

Infographics can encapsulate all the information your audience needs to know. If you provide a large amount of data, they operate flawlessly. For a press release to stand out, it is important to incorporate eye-catching stats and data.

Use a variety of different-sized photographs.

Portraits and landscapes can be inserted. A variety of sizes and forms can be useful. It will be easy to adapt to diverse media outlets.

Take additional images if necessary.

If a journalist asks for additional photos after receiving your press release, be prepared to provide them. To expedite delivery, keep the collection close at hand. Editors select images based on current trends, news, and the type of audience they are trying to reach.


Keep in mind the significance of attribution at all times. Cooperation with a journalist will be made simpler as a result. Be sure to cite all of your resources in your announcement. Using eye-catching images and infographics in your press releases will help your readers better understand and connect with the topic at hand.

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