5 Best & Most Trusted Websites to Make Money Online

March 22, 2019 1 By Shweta Pandey

The Internet might just be the greatest invention of the last century because it certainly has changed our lives. It has so much to offer that you can always look and find something new and interesting. People use the internet to communicate, to learn and to educate. Some people have their livelihood based on internet.

For some of us who are just casual browsers and surfers, there is an option to make money online through various  sources. There are numerous websites online that you can use to earn money in many unique ways. Here are some of the best and most trusted online money making sites to make money online:


If you have any interest in sports and spend some time on the internet, you most probably have heard of Sportsbet. Sportsbet is a legal online betting platform that allows you to place bets on almost any type of sport.

It has options for you to see various sports, be it Cricket, Football (or Soccer), Basketball, select the fixture you want to bet on, see the odds, select the amount and then place the bet. Sportsbet is very simple and easy to use and can be a good source of money for you.

It even has options for you to bet on horse races, so if you know your sports team very well and are confident that you can predict the result correctly, you can try Sportsbet and make some easy money on the side.

•Amazon Mechanical Turk

It is a service run by amazon.com which works by providing the user with an opportunity to make money online by finishing up or doing other people’s tasks. People can submit their projects or tasks that they want to be done by someone else, maybe some assignment that they do not have time to write or a project that they are not that good in, and can set the amount they will reward to the person who finishes the task.

This is a great service and very easy to use, just browse through some of the tasks posted by the user, find something that you feel like you can do, say writing a paragraph about a topic within the time limit, and then you can finish the task and get the reward. Once you have enough rewards stored, you can cash them out.


Fiverr might just be the easiest way to earn money online. It is so easy and cheap it might seem like it’s too good to be true. Fiverr allows you to do some jobs or gigs for money.

Let us say that you like to paint in your free time. You can go on Fiverr and create a gig like “I can paint you a picture for $7”. People can then see your gig and choose to order from you. When they order, you can get the details from them, like the type of painting they want and what size. Then you can finish the gig or task within the preset time frame.

You can then either submit the scanned copy of the image to the buyer or you can send them the hard copy if possible. The buyer can review your work, which will affect your reputation and hence the amount of business you get.

The payment procedure is very easy. You will get the money straight to your PayPal. For each gig that you finish, you will earn $5 out of which $1 will be charged as a commission by Fiverr.


Freelancer.com allows you to work as a freelancer and do any job you can do. Any person might post a job that they want or need to be done within a time limit, and you can then select from a number of jobs and pick one that you feel you are comfortable with.

You need to thoroughly describe your skills and how skilled are you in that field. For example, if you are a programmer or a coder, you need to specify what languages you know and can code in. This will make it easier for the person to select you for their job.

You can keep learning new skills and add them to your bio so that you can attract more clients and get more business. Your work will also be reviewed by the client on the site, so you should give it your best to try to get the best reviews so you can get a lot of people interested in hiring you.

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Clixsense.com works on the Paid to Click (or PTC) model. There are two streams of revenue from this site, you can either get money by clicking and viewing advertisements on the website, or you can earn money by referring other people to the site.

Website users can earn up to 0.02$ for each advertisement they click and watch. You have to watch the advertisement for a predefined time, say 30 seconds or something similar. The premium users of this website have another option of earning by making referrals. Once the person you have referred earns an amount of $1, you also get $0.50 as a commission for referring that person.

The payment method is very simple, you get paid via PayPal.


Listverse is a website that posts a top 10 list daily. These lists could be about almost anything, from a list about top 10 soccer players to ever play the game, to the top 10 conspiracy stories ever. This website offers a “write and get paid” scheme, where you can publish lists which are either a normal text list or a picture list and make money. You must follow some preset rules and regulations to make sure you get published. Once your list is published, you will get paid through PayPal.

Final Words

The Internet has helped a lot of people by providing them with full-time jobs, but you don’t need to work full time to earn money from the internet. If you are a college student looking to make money online, or a fresher looking to make extra cash for your car, try these websites.

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