Luxury Pool Features That Every Home Owner Should Consider To Have

Luxury Pool Features That Every Home Owner Should Consider To Have

April 19, 2021 0 By Rahul Pandey

Installing luxury pools requires a great amount of planning, and you can easily go overboard with adding the features. To prevent that, we’ve shortlisted some of the best features you can get for your pool that will not break your bank.

Here’s the list you can consider:


The first thing that comes to anyone’s mind when they hear luxury pools are waterfalls. They are easy to install and adds the element of elegance and sophistication to your backyard. Many people prefer getting these because of the calming sound of the waterfalls that soothe and comforts them. One of the biggest advantages of luxury pools with waterfalls is the continuous circulation of water. It decreases the growth of algae and debris, also reducing the maintenance cost for the pool.

Perimeter Overflow

The perimeter overflow is often mistaken with the infinity-edge pool, but it flows from all four sides. It is a stunning feature that adds elegance to the backyard. In this design, the water looks like a sheet of glass with no contained walls, and the water overflows to the hidden basin which is then recycled back to the pool. This type of pool installation in Atlanta is aesthetically pleasing to watch.

Custom Lighting

You can add contemporary mood lighting to the pool for better aesthetics. This feature dramatically changes the appearance of the pool without having to spend a fortune. The custom LED lights are now available in various colors, and you can also program them to change the colors to add the wow factor in the backyard throughout the night. These lights are energy-efficient, low-cost, and a great addition to enhance the ambiance of the pool.

Fire Features

One of the most alluring pool designs is the addition of fire features. It comes in endless options and has a sort of exotic effect. You can choose between the following options: fire pits, blazing tiki torches, and fire bowls. This feature is not only for adding the drama but also serves various other functions. It comes in handy to add the extra light in the nighttime when you are hanging around the pool. It also helps to transform the inground swimming pools in Atlanta, GA, into a resort-like area for you to host gathering on the pool.

Automatic Covers

The pool covers are the best way to protect your big investment from debris that can cause water imbalances. With an automatic pool cover, you simply have to press a button to cover the whole pool within a minute. You can also simply conceal away from the covers when the pool is in use. Ask your Atlanta pool builders to install these for you. The covered pool will help you to keep your children and pets safe from falling in the water.

The contractors like Sandals Luxury Pools will offer you these advanced features to install in the pool. They will not only add a wow factor to the pool but also comes at affordable rates that any homeowner with a pool can get. There are several other options like caves and grottos as well that you incorporate into your luxury pool designs.

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