Latest trends in hotel management software: The top 5.

Latest trends in hotel management software: The top 5.

January 11, 2021 0 By Tech Junkie

Are you running a hotel business? Do you want to achieve success in your business? In order to survive in this competitive world, two things are to be noted. First one, you need to have an online presence that makes online transactions easy. Second one; deliver outstanding customer service to the guests so that they will choose your property again to visit.

Running a hotel business is actually complex in nature. There are different departments which are required to be organized all together. Every action of each department should be monitored and tracked. It is a risky process. Various tools are required to coordinate these activities.

In this article, we will discuss the Hospitality Management System. It helps the hoteliers to make online reservations, front- and back operations, and more. It also enhances administrative tasks. Here is the list of top 5 hotel management software (property management) that helps to overcome these concerns.

Top 5 trending hotel management software for 2021

Before choosing a right choice of property management system for your business, it must be made clear that the software will meet your requirements. There are different types of software available in the market. But choosing the right one is a bit risky! So, before selecting the software go through the features of the software and decide the best one that fits for the business.


If you want to increase the revenue of the business and reduce the weight of daily operations, RMS is the best choice for you. RMS is a cloud based property management software which helps in complete reservation management, online booking, and channel management. It is helpful for full service, limited service, self service hotels and resorts. The PMS provides flexible and scalable technology for the hotel industry. It also provides complete data security with 24 * 7 global hosting.


Front desk anywhere is a property management system developed in Silicon Valley, San Francisco. The user data in the system is completely reliable and integrated. It is encrypted and is protected from hacking and fraud. The user interface is very easy and compatible to use.


This property management solution is delivered in a web browser. It is installed in the existing computers itself so that the cost for capital investment would be very less compared to other property management systems. The pms can be connected anywhere as it is deployed in web browsers. The main important feature of the PMS is that there will be no loss of data as there is automatic back up of all data and option for on-site back up.

 OPERA Property Management System (PMS) from Oracle:

Better maintenance of rooms is the hallmark of a best hotel. Rooms are to be properly allocated to avoid confusions and over bookings. The management needs to ensure that rooms are properly cleaned and maintained by the team. The intelligent management feature of the opera property management system helps in doing this job efficiently.


The cloudsbeds PM is very easy to use and learn also. It helps not only the administrative team, but also the staff to maintain the records. It includes customized permissions which manages money and housekeeping valuable.

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