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The rapid development of casinos with a dealer in Canada in recent years gives an understanding of what exactly players value. The demand for live communication is driving the emergence of new forms of interaction when playing online. What new trends have gained popularity over the past year? What surprises are casinos preparing for the near future? Let’s open the door to a live casino of the future to learn some secrets of a live casino online Canada.

Are Casinos Popular Among Canadians?

Canada is in the top 10 countries for the prevalence of online casino gambling practices. Nearly 20 million citizens visit gambling sites constantly or from time to time. Therefore, Canada takes an impressive 8th place in terms of the number of spending on gambling.

And this is not the limit. The development of the iGaming industry in recent years has not slowed down. On the contrary, it has accelerated. This trend contributes to the development of this business area in Canada and replenishes the local budgets of certain provinces.

What Is the Position of the Government of Canada Towards the Development of Online Gambling?

Despite all these bright tendencies, Canadians often play on offshore websites due to imperfect legislation. Not all provinces have yet benefited from the development of the iGaming industry. Therefore, the strict requirement of licensing by the provincial authorities and the complexity of the procedure do not allow many local online gambling operators to enter the market.

  • On one hand, it is good because it prevents the spread of fraudulent websites. The well-known blogger and online casino expert, Michelle H. Thomas, came to the field of online games precisely in an effort to counteract the deception of players by scammers. She also highlights the importance of operator licensing.
  • On the other hand, by creating bureaucratic obstacles, authorities contribute to the outflow of capital. Surely, many Canadian players would like to see operators’ income spent in their homeland. But, unfortunately, this money often goes offshore.

Why Do Canadians Love Playing at Live Casino So Much?

  • Live games have gained the highest popularity during the pandemic. They made up for the lack of communication that Canadians felt keenly.
  • An important beneficial feature of playing at a live casino is that gamers do not have to pay taxes on their winnings.
  • The ability to make deposits in different types of cryptocurrencies is a very influential trend that attracts players. The use of cryptocurrencies increases the security of the game and makes deposits anonymous. And the withdrawal of winnings becomes faster and easier.
  • Casino operators frequently introduce some kind of innovation so that visitors do not get bored. Therefore, the surprises that are waiting for gamers at a casino with a dealer also have a significant attractive force.

Upcoming Trends That Will Make Your Experience at Live Casino More Exciting

The prospects for the development of live games are so promising that many want to fast forward to the near future to see them with their own eyes.

Welcome to Metaverse

The most revolutionary technologies that bring players closer to a live gaming experience are VR and AR. Online casinos that offer virtual reality gaming already exist. They are not yet available to many due to the high cost of the necessary equipment. However, the more VR casinos exist, the more accessible the services of a virtual casino with a dealer will be for all visitors.

New Generations Set a Different Fashion

If you look at the demographic portrait of Canadian players, on average, they are people 30-50 years old. However, new generations bring other trends.

  • They require more gamification.
  • They prefer to make live games more like computer games.
  • New generations want casino games to be dynamic, interactive, and entertaining.

Minimization of Devices for Live Games

Many online casinos with a dealer have long been offering mobile apps to attract more players. However, today, there is already an increase in demand for online casino apps for smartwatches. Therefore, soon, you will be able to communicate with a live dealer through the screen of your wristwatch.

Even More Advanced Live Games Graphics

The 5G connection not only allows to make streams of better quality from live casino studios. It opens up a new level of graphics and image quality. Therefore, the magic of the picture and the charm of live dealers due to 5G fascinate players.

Live Game Shows

With the popularity of casinos with a dealer firmly entrenched among Canadian players, the next step was to create live game shows. They take place in real-time and allow players to win a lot of money, just like any other casino games. They have become especially popular among the youth audience of the casino.

Advances in technology draw brilliant opportunities for the development of live casino games in the coming years. Therefore, it remains to hope that Canada, as promised, will fully legalize gambling in 2022. This will help develop the Canadian iGaming industry and attract even more live games fans.

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