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Latest Bigtime Software vs Asana Software Functions

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Bigtime software is used by up to 2,000 businesses around the globe, and despite being a relatively recent program, it has earned its reputation as robust management software. Big time software mainly serves the purpose of providing ways to track your project timeline as well as ensuring that the budget is streamlined. On the other hand, Asana can be a crucial asset for project management with features such as workflow builder, timelines, app integrations, and workload management systems.

This detailed guide will explain Bigtime software vs Asana software features.

Bigtime Functions

Bigtime has been able to serve businesses related to several fields, including consulting, architectural, legal, IT, marketing, and government contracting. Following are some of them:

Time and Expense Tracking

Bigtime prioritizes the way that you interact with time and expense tracking and integrates several features to systemize the process. You can automate processes and fill in repetitive information and also auto-save and auto-fill data. Users are provided with more control over custom user rights. If you want to make sure that the staff is able to check the sheets without editing details, you can change the settings to limit access.

For expense tracking, Bigtime enables you to mark expenses as reimbursable, billable, non-billable, and so on. Furthermore, you can input credit card details for a project in the Quickbooks sheet.

Project Management

Bigtime establishes your project’s connection with budgets so that you can compare the two. You are not only able to set up tasks but also assign staff members with the right skillsets for it. Your workflows can be utilized to provide insightful information about the anticipated time for project delivery.

You can track different projects at the same time to stay on top of each goal.

Gantt charts provide a visually detailed chart to check dependencies or milestones, among other details.


Timesheets can also be used to maintain approvals so that the right people can check the billing details before they are processed. Likewise, managers can access control to manage employees’ timesheets. Employees, as well as managers, can access timesheets to review and correct any details before approval. And finally, you can streamline the time and expenses related to the project and eliminate any errors regarding bills.

Asana Functions

Project Management

There are many reasons why Asana is one of the best-reputed project managers. It can be used for engineering projects as you can file and track bug reports and ensure that issues are resolved on time. Furthermore, you can keep up with the progress of the plan with real-time status updates and run reports.

Its integrated features like the workflow builder and timeline can automate a variety of tasks.

Productivity Enhancement

Asana project management improves the productivity of your teams as you can keep up with your to-do lists with the task management system set in place. If you have to deal with recurring tasks on a regular basis, templates can auto-create your projects, and you can simply customize the details.

Your entire team can access the same pool of knowledge rather than going back and forth with various other applications. Additionally, it saves time spent on duplication efforts as everyone will be using the same tool where they can collaborate and communicate.


Automating processes can take the edge off of repetitive tasks. Rules can be used to customize details so that every team member follows the plan accordingly. Custom templates can also shape your projects, and you can save the time to focus on strategic work.   Bigtime Pricing

There are three pricing plans available on Bigtime. The express payment plan costs $10 and enables a limited set of functions. For project accounting, it has two vital options, i.e, time tracking and QuickBooks integration which are the most basic tools. For resource management, you can use personalized reports as well as unlimited clients and transactions, thus expanding the horizon of your project. For business intelligence, there are features like the custom report wizard, file export, and personalized analytics.

The pro plan costs $30 and has a wider range of functions provided by Bigtime. For example, expense tracking, invoicing templates, budgeting alerts, payment processing, Gantt charts, and several others.

On the other hand, the premium payment plan costs $40 with added benefits for large businesses. The additional functions of this plan include Salesforce integration as well as a multi-level approval workflow.

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Asana Pricing

Asana has three diverse pricing options for its users. The basic plan is espoused as a free model with numerous features to resolve project management. Such as, you are able to create unlimited projects, unlimited tasks, unlimited messages, and unlimited activity logs so that the basic elements are covered. You can further list view projects for a clear view of the information, have access to board view projects, and use calendars to further organize the project.

Some of the other helpful features of Asana software consist of unlimited storage, the ability to assign tasks, and maintaining a project overview.

The premium Asana charges $10 and has many vital features that include a workflow builder and timeline, both of which are essential for managing work. You can easily look for the relevant material with an advanced search as well. Premium users can invite unlimited free guests to access and view documents. For each task, you can put up start dates to check the progress of each task. The milestones features give you an overview of the development and successes.

The business plan costs $24, and it is also equipped with goals, portfolios, approvals, proofing, and lock custom fields that can be crucial for many businesses.


Bigtime software vs Asana software both are the best project management software has different guides through which you can further learn about each. Bigtime gives you a self-guided 60-second tour that comprehensively summarizes all the important functions. Whereas the Asana demo can be requested through their website by filling in a simple form. Conclusively, Bigtime and Asana cultivate the resources for a thorough coverage regarding management.



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