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KUBET – KU CASINO – Vietnam’s number 1 betting site.

KUBET - KU CASINO - Vietnam's number 1 betting site.

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KUBET is the most reputable bookie and a brand of the online casino that millions of gambling enthusiasts in Vietnam now. The outstanding products of Ku casino are dices, loto bet, baccarat, lottery, football, and sic bo.

Experience the most realistic games, an extremely high winning rate at KUBET. A team of expert admins with many years of experience will give you the advice to help you make a lot of money from the KU BET bookie.

The KUBET link is not blocked – Latest KU CASINO link

KUBET ?️ is the official dealer website of the house KU CASINO. To receive 128K trial promotions, many other attractive gifts as well as 24/7 online support, please register under the link below.

Ku casino and betting games Kucasino

Many people do not know what is the difference between Kucasino and Ku bet? And what betting games are there in the Ku lobby? Both are the same, maybe the only difference is the way each person calls them. Currently, Kubet is one of the leading bookmakers with the most variety of games. It can be said that this place gathers all existing Casino games. You don’t have to go to faraway Las Vegas in the US or go to Macau to experience betting services. You just need to have a phone or a computer in hand to be able to experience all the Casino games.

What is KU CASINO?

Just enter a search keyword outside of Google: #KUBET, #KUCASINO, #KU, #KUBETKIM to get search results about this bookie. As mentioned above, this is one of the leading bookies in Asia today. With a history of existence and development of more than 15 years, it can be affirmed that this is one of the pioneering websites in the online gambling industry. Like other leading bookmakers, this website is also based in the Philippines. Ku casino is developed by the leading entertainment group Jiuzhou. It is one of the most diverse bookmakers in the world today. Just by looking at the name, you already know that the main product is Casino games.

Is Kubet – Ku casino a scam?

When this bookie has just entered the Vietnamese market, questions often arise about whether this bookie is a scam or not. To prove his credibility and worth. Kubet is gradually asserted with high-quality products. Ensure a fast deposit and withdrawal experience for customers. The settlement of single bets is transparent and clear to the players. Closely supervised by the world’s gambling organizations. More than 2 million people sign up for an account and play at this bookie. That is also the clearest answer to our credibility.

Is Kubet - Ku casino a scam

Is Kubet – Ku casino a scam?

How to register for a Kubet account – Log in to Kubet Casino

For members to have no difficulties before, during, and after having a KU account, we have specific topics as follows written in Vietnamese

Instructions for registering an account: For you not to have difficulty in the process of creating an account, we will show you step-by-step how to do it most simply.

How to create a KUBET account on mobile phones

Step 1: Go to the registration link by clicking the button below.

Next: Click the Register button as shown below

Step 3: Enter your full information used to register an account on the bookie

Remember to leave the dealer account as KU. The support team will contact to reward as well as guide and care from A to Z.

When you press the send confirmation code button, it will appear as shown below. In the next step, you just need to drag it into the correct box is required.

Wait 3 seconds the code will be notified to the phone, enter it and then tick the 2 boxes below to agree.

Finally, click the Confirm button to complete the account creation process.

How to get attractive promotions of Kubet

Surely you all know the extremely attractive promotion policy of the KUBET house, right? At KUBET website, we promise to bring you attractive gifts and deposit promotions. In which the promotion that most people are interested in is getting 128k Free. You just need to complete account registration and then contact us to receive 128k immediately. Note that this is a bonus without having to go through as many betting rounds as other bookies. Instead, you only need to bet 1 round of bets and you can fully experience our withdrawal.

Is the KUBET bookie reputable?

This is a question many people ask not only for Kubet but any other online betting site. So how can we determine if the house we are playing is reputable or not? For those who are new to the Ku casino house, this question will certainly exist. However, for those who have been playing at this bookie, their answer is great. We do not take out advertisements to assert our level of authority. Instead, we will affirm the credibility of Kubet with our superior services.

Why should you choose the Kubet bookie?

To know why you should choose this bookie, you can refer to the advantages below:

  1. Deposit and withdraw money Fast: With only 30 seconds, you can successfully withdraw money from the website to your bank account. And 30s is also the time that you can successfully top-up. This is one of the biggest advantages to affirm the prestige of a bookie. Instead, many people mistake it for a big promotion and forget that depositing and withdrawing is the important thing.
  2. Casino games are Livestreamed by real people without having to play virtual. You can completely communicate with the MC or dealer to determine the time. Instead in other sites will be the dealer or roll the dice. All can be customized to win or lose by the house.
  3. Results are closely monitored by the Pagcor gambling association. All result information is monitored by Pagcor, so players can rest assured.

TOP services at the Kubet bookie

As all know, the Kubet bookie is one of the leading betting sites today. The reason it can attract many participants is due to the variety of services. It can be said that almost all the games available for bets are available at this bookie. Not only that but these games are also brought to a new level with many different ways to play. Meet all the most difficult requirements of today’s players. Ku casino has always put the customer’s service experience first and foremost. If you have ever experienced this bookie, you can only confirm it with 2 words “great”.

TOP services at the Kubet bookie

TOP services at the Kubet bookie

Sports betting, online football at Ku Sports

Sports betting has long been one of the most popular betting games. Especially football betting is very popular with almost everyone. You don’t have to call or text the dealer to place your bets on your favorite football match. Instead, all betting services are now done online. You only need to own a Kubet account to fully experience the superior sports betting services. In the sports hall, you can choose your favorite ways to play as well as your favorite team. Not only football but we also have other games like basketball, volleyball, table tennis, and esports.

The ultimate KU Casino card game hall

This is the casino lobby that collects the betting games of the KU house. It includes the complex of Casino games such as Poker, Sicbo, Sic Bo, Lottery, keno, and sports betting (including football, basketball tennis, horse racing… and other sports). other). One proof that can confirm that the game at Ku casino is completely transparent is that after the shock is completed, the player will place a bet.

Fan-tan at KU CASINO

This game is filmed live, with beautiful Vietnamese MCs sitting next to it. The equipment and tables are completely open to the public, including video footage witnessed by many players. Everything is completely transparent. The rules of the game are simple and clear. This is also one of the most popular games at Ku casino today. This game is very popular in North Vietnam. However, outside, the disc shock tools are often rudimentary and simpler. In our lobby, the tools are made to the highest standards of engineering.


This game is even more transparent because the dealer finishes dealing the cards, then the player places money. Thus, players can place bets objectively. Whether you win or lose is up to the player’s choice. Completely unaffected. Baccarat is a game that is not popular with many Vietnamese. However, this is one of the most popular games in the Casino. It is always chosen by many casinos as the main game. The rules of this game are similar to the Brazilian game of Vietnam.

Sicbo on Ku casino lobby

This game is also known by a very familiar name to us in Vietnamese that is Tai xiu. Surely Tai Xiu is not too strange to many people since childhood. The gameplay is simple but very attractive. Each bet happens very quickly. You just need to bet over or under and wait for the results to open. The total score of the dice will be equal to the value of over or under. Currently, this game is banned in Vietnam. Therefore, if you have been passionate about this game and want to experience it again, you can register to play at Ku casino.

Lottery online Kubet lottery 1 to 99 highest market

For lottery enthusiasts, this service should not be missed. When you play the lottery or any other betting game, you need to pay attention to the odds. Often, many people play the lottery in the traditional way of scoring through someone else. However, with this way of playing, the return rate is extremely low, usually around 70 80. Therefore, to ensure the interests of players, Kubet has put this game online. Specifically, when playing at this house, you will get the highest payout ratio of 99. We guarantee that you will not find a place with a high payout like us.

Lottery online very attractive lottery

In addition to the traditional lottery, the prize is opened according to the results of the lottery. Ku lottery also There are lottery products that open within 1-3 minutes. These lottery games will surely satisfy the needs and passions of many people. You don’t have to wait too long to get the results. Instead, the Kubet house will draw prizes directly with the prepared shuttlecocks. The prize opening process will be Livestreamed for everyone to follow. Therefore, transparency is always ensured in the results of the prize opening.

Slot game for the most players at Kubet 3d

Also known by another name is the exploding jar or the shovel machine. This is one of the most popular games in-game shops or in supermarkets. It is more and more popular in casinos around the world. When you go into casinos you will always find a lot of slot machines. The highest reward for this game that many people want to achieve is Jackpots. If you win jackpots, you are equivalent to winning the jackpot of the lottery. Therefore, it always attracts a large number of players with the mindset of giving less to win big. So it should come as no surprise that Kubet includes slot games on this site.

Slot game for the most players at Kubet 3d

Slot game for the most players at Kubet 3d

Shoot fish to redeem 3D rewards at the Kubet game

Similar to the slot game, Shoot Fish was once extremely popular in Vietnam. You will easily find fish shooting game shops on the street. Or you will see a lot of fish shooting machines in the game area of ​​the supermarket. This game is favored by many people because of its high entertainment and beautiful images. From young children to the elderly are fascinated with this game. With such high demand, the Kubet house has also developed this game in an online form. You will easily experience this game in an easier way.

Cool-in Live beautiful girl Livestream special at Ku casino lobby

As mentioned, the Ku bookie is always interested in the customer’s experience. Therefore, in addition to the main services of a Casino, we also develop other entertainment services. Thereby, it will help customers relieve pressure as well as stress after betting games. If you have been to the big casinos, you will see a lot of services outside of Casino. Therefore, Kubet invited KOL characters to be MCs to talk to everyone. The recruited KOLs are all extremely beautiful people. They always know how to make you less stressed.

Watch live football for free at sports Kubet

This is one of the most outstanding advantages of the Ku casino house. Unlike other betting sites that only care about the table of odds. We also bring our customers the top matches of the top leagues in the continent. Usually, to see these matches, we will have to pay a fee to the provider. However, you will not need to do that when you own an account at Kubet. You can completely enjoy watching the top matches without spending any money. Although it is completely free, the quality is HD.

The hottest movie KU in Kubet

You do not need to spend a few hundred thousand monthly to own a Netflix account to watch movies. Instead, you just need a few simple steps to register for a Kubet account, so you can enjoy the blockbuster movies. Just have an account, and you can access Ku movies. All movies are copyrighted and replayed by us on the website. This place focuses on many different genres of movies. Definitely will meet the needs of all movie enthusiasts. In addition, the hotness of Ku movies is also very hot in 18+ movies. You can absolutely watch the entertainment after the game.

Outstanding advantages of the KUBET bookie

As mentioned, the KU casino is one of the leading bookmakers in Asia today. This bookie has been affirming its unique position in Vietnam. To do that, this site must have a lot of outstanding advantages to attract so many players. According to current statistics, this house has the largest number of players participating today. The number is estimated at more than 2 million Vietnamese registered to participate. Here are the advantages that help this bookie claim the number one position in Vietnam.

Transparency, prestige, and quality of the KUBET bookmaker brand

This is one of the most important things for a bookie. Transparency, prestige, and quality must be put first for a current number one bookmaker. To do that, all the results of the prize draw are always public and transparent. In addition, all prize draws are closely monitored by the Pagcor gambling association. Therefore, it can be affirmed that transparency and credibility are always guaranteed by us. Product quality is also the factor we care most about. Kubet always creates high-value products and brings the best experience to customers.

Various betting games on Kubet’s lobby

Currently, the Ku bookie is the one with the richest product range. Many bookies operate small and can only focus on a few products like sports or casinos. However, for Jiuzhou Group, diversifying betting products is a factor that confirms the house’s growth. So you will experience all the betting games at this bookie. The most prominent is the high-quality Ku casino system.

Quick deposit and withdrawal procedures at KU CASINO

Deposits and withdrawals are always the top concern for betting players. Therefore, we are always looking for ways to simplify the deposit and withdrawal procedures. Kubet always offers a quick deposit and withdrawal experience with just a few tens of seconds. We are almost affiliated with all domestic banks in Vietnam. In addition, all electronic payment methods are applied by us at Kubet. Therefore, players do not need to worry much about payment problems. Instead, you will have a great experience with the product.

Quick deposit and withdrawal procedures at KU CASINO

Quick deposit and withdrawal procedures at KU CASINO

Absolute confidentiality of information by KUBET. server system

All forms of gambling are not legal in Vietnam. Therefore, the issue of information security is very important for players. To be able to ensure the confidentiality of member information. Kubet locates data servers in foreign countries and is legalized by the host country. The customer data information is stored by us on the mobile cloud and is completely anonymous. Therefore, our customers are completely assured in this regard.

Friendly interface, easy to use on many platforms

We always have a team of highly technical experts who graduated from many prestigious universities in the world to research and develop products. Kubet always collects customer feedback to improve the interface experience. We always make sure that the interface is completely user-friendly and easy to use.

Quick KUBET 24/7 online support

The Kubet bookie always has an online staff that is always available at any time when players need assistance. 

Quick KUBET 24/7 online support

Quick KUBET 24/7 online support

Common issues that you need when contacting for help are:

  • When the account is locked, the top-up function is at the time of account creation. When players register for an account, they often cannot top-up immediately. Ku bets often temporarily require players to verify their identity by providing identification to prove eligibility to participate.
  • Funding support: sometimes due to the deposit method or because players are not familiar with the transfer method. Or sometimes the maintenance bank can’t top up through the banking system
  • Withdrawal support: problems such as fast or slow withdrawal, shortage or excess are resolved when players inquire with support
  • Download Kubet for your phone
  • Participate in betting with casino games
  • Get Support 24/7 KU BET member support.
  • Consulting and answering questions about the bookie KU

Tools hack Kubet – Hack Ku casino really exists?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. Especially for those of you who are far from shore because of this subject. Our answer is yes if you get the right Tools. However, nowadays there are also many people who take advantage of this problem to scam people. Therefore, people need to be very careful and look into this matter very carefully. Currently, we are also supporting you to use tools to increase your winning rate.

What is Ku.Ku11 – Ku.Ku777 – Ku.Ku888 – Ku.Ku999 ?

Many people are concerned that there are too many links claiming to be the KU house. So what is the correct path? Is it Ku11, Ku777, Ku888, Ku999, Kubet, Kucasino, Thienhabet ? Is there a player scam? Then here is the answer.

These links are all KU Casino. You can register here to play football betting, casino, or online lottery at Ku casino. Even online on computers, mobile phones, Android, IOS, or apps. But Ku.Ku11 – Ku.Ku777 – Ku.Ku888 – Ku.Ku999 are different transmission lines so that players do not experience lag and experience the best service.

What is Kubet KU casino?

They are also known by another name, Kubet house, inherited from the Thien Ha Bet site – one of the prestigious predecessor sites in the gaming world.

Maybe the name Kucasino is a bit new to newcomers, but those who have ever followed the game and joined the gaming community will know the other names of this site are Ku888, Ku, Ku999, Ku777.

They operate widely throughout Asia – Pacific and have just entered Vietnam not long (2 years) but already have a huge number of players. The number of participants at this bookie has overwhelmed many other veteran bookmakers in the country for a long time, creating a strong wave and attracting a lot of public attention.

The name of the house is Kucasino, so it owns a variety of popular games such as online casinos, sports, esports, and lotteries…. However, the main strength of the house is casino games, so the name clearly shows this – Kucasino

Is Thabet a Kubet?

Why do many people confuse Thabet and Kubet? Do many people ask if Thabet is a KU? The reason is that Thabet is the forerunner of the KU house. Thabet is a bookie that has existed for many years and is reputable in the betting world. Ku bet is another version of Thabet when focusing more on new types of casino games, 3D games.

Frequently Asked Questions (KUBET FAQ)

We always value the comments of our customers to improve the quality of our products and services. And the questions that we collected during the operation are below:

Is Kubet casino a scam?

Many bookies have tricks in the game that make many people not sure what Kucasino is, so they are still worried about whether they are scams or not?

But it can be affirmed that this is the most prestigious and quality house in the gaming village today. In other words, Kucasino is an absolutely safe bookie, authorized by the Philippine government.

Operating in Vietnam for only 12 years, you can see that the website system is very elaborate, supports many languages ​​, and especially the rules of the game are made public and clear. The issue of receiving and exchanging rewards is prioritized and transparent.

Is Kubet really safe?

Kubet is one of the business enterprises based on the licensing and quality certification from the Philippine entertainment licensing and management organization.

The Kubet bookie has been constantly trying, working together with other server systems, to bring customers the smoothest and most stable services. At the same time, the information system from this bookie also ensures the confidentiality of information for each customer when joining as a member here.

So with this article, you probably already know what Kucasino is, what Kubet is as well as have other necessary related knowledge. Hope you will have an enjoyable experience at this prestigious house.

If you have any questions, please contact the hotline of the provider to receive the maximum support for you!

Is Thienhabet a Kubet?

Thien Ha bet is the old version before the upgrade of Kubet, providing players with a safe betting environment with enthusiastic customer support consulting service. Besides, Thien Ha bet also offers a variety of online betting games with great payouts.

Is Thienhabet a Kubet?

Is Thienhabet a Kubet?

Thien Ha bet operates very smoothly and quickly as depositing or withdrawing money from Thien Ha bet’s system is also very quick and easy. Deposit and withdrawal time is only 2 minutes – an optimal financial solution for users.

Besides, Thien Ha bet regularly organizes promotional activities and great promotions for customers. Thien Ha bet also operates an application for mobile phones, so using Thien Ha bet is very easy.

The legitimacy of the Kubet bookie

First, you need to know if the bookie you choose has a transparent operating license or is just risking on the black market. The reputable Kubet bookie is certified by the Philippine government to operate.

Is Ku interface design for user’s cyber safely?

Players will feel more secure when choosing a house with an interface close to them. In addition, the betting website must also be professional and scientifically arranged. In addition, for the convenience of players, reputable bookmakers will support multi-languages ​​for them to choose from.

How to take care of customers of Ku casino?

KU is a reputable bookmaker, they always put the interests of customers first. With consulting services, and dedicated customer care. Players when participating in the experience of the products at the house, if they have any ideas, can contact them through many different forms. Specifically, online chat or direct calls through the hotline will be resolved quickly.

What are the football betting odds at sports Kubet?

The bookie will offer many different types of bets and odds for players to choose from. Through the experience, you will analyze and determine whether the house you choose is reputable or not.

Does the Kubet bookie have an attractive promotion program?

Players need to consider the bonus that each bookie offers after filtering out a number of names that they feel good about. If you do not know, you can ask the support staff.

Ku11 is the official link of KUBET

Many people wonder what KU is.Ku11 is what so many people search for. To put it simply, Ku casino is a very large bookie, there are many agencies that act as agents for this house. In which, codes like KU are agent codes. When you register at any agent, the agent’s staff will assist you with registration instructions, login instructions, deposit, withdrawal… more easily.

In particular, when you register at dealer code KU.Ku11, you will be supported to join groups to share experience in online lotteries, free 5-star insider tips, and receive free bets from Baccarat players. Xoc disc and Dragon Lake share experiences for free.

Get caught by playing Kubet?

Kubet Casino is headquartered in the Philippines – which is known as the casino paradise of Asia. At the same time, the Ku bookie is widely known in many countries, especially in the Vietnamese market. Ku also owns an enthusiastic team of consultants 24/7, ready to answer all players’ questions at any time.

Inheriting diverse features and genres from Thienhabet. Kubet has asserted itself with outstanding features, new. When playing online, players no longer have to deal with boring dealing machines. Instead, there will be beautiful female MCs dealing cards and announcing the results online. This ensures there is no cheating while playing.

If rumors about betting at Kubet will be caught, why is the Ku bookie still operating until now? Based on this simple point, you can also distinguish between bad rumors and real quality and prestige. When betting at an online bookie is caught, all activities of that house will be stopped. But now that people still log in and bet at the normal Ku house, the rumor of being caught is spread by the opponent.

Does Kubet give away 128k trial points and other questions

Is the Ku house secure or not? Why account verification?

Why does Kubet bank regularly maintain?

Is Kubet really reputable or not?

How many Kubet accounts can a bank register?

VIP football betting by KUBET experts today

  • Daily VIP betting from a football expert

Check Kubet extremely standard 4.0

Currently, there are many websites that support all lottery players to predict lottery results. Due to grasping this need, we also purchased the extremely accurate Bach Thu Lo prediction software. You just need to do a simple operation by clicking on the button “RECEIVE BACH THU LOT STANDARD”.

  • In order to bring the best results for players, Kubet has combined with today’s famous high-precision experts to help lock the numbers.
  • Using Tuong Vy’s experience of locating the numbering bridge along with AI 4.0 technology to help bring the best results to players based on statistics, analysis, and rafters.

Connect with KUBET

Connect social network KUBET to not miss interesting things, and attractive promotions waiting for you.

So what are you waiting for without saving the working time frame of these beautiful female MCs right away?

What makes Ku Casino attractive to players?

Precisely because of the system of utilities and beautiful interface upgrades with hot MCs and Dealers. Therefore, Ku Bet Casino has gradually become more famous and prestigious.

Which gaming halls are most visited at Kubet?

With tons of offers for exciting online casinos. https://Kubet77.win/ also developed a number of online casinos to exchange prizes, online 1 to 99 lotteries, sports betting houses, and launched a free 3-zone lottery system.

️ The fastest way to participate in online betting at Kubet?

To join the KUBET betting halls, you simply need to go to the official link. Continue to download App Ku, register, and log in to your account, then top up Kubet and place bets online.

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