Know What’s The Best Way To Deal With Drug Driving Cases

Know What’s The Best Way To Deal With Drug Driving Cases

February 8, 2021 0 By Rahul Pandey

With the legalization of cannabis farming in Australia for scientific and medicinal purposes, the cases of drug-driving have been on the rise. As per the Narcotics Drug Acts of 2016, the Australian government had made certain amendments in regards to the cultural farming of Cannabis.

Subsequently, the usage of using Cannabis for recreational purposes also became lawful, if not completely legalized. This has also led to heightened drug driving cases all over Australia and some parts of Australia have more drug driving cases than drunk driving cases.

The necessity for hiring lawyers who can defend people in drug driving cases is also increasing along with the number of drug driving cases. So if you have no idea how to deal with such cases, you should seek expert advice and get in touch with traffic lawyers Perth. They can help you in solving the complexity that usually surrounds such cases and you will be able to come out of the situation with the least amount of fines and compensation.

Why is drug driving considered a public offence?

As mentioned in the previously, drug driving is increasing every day since 2016 when Cannabis was first legalized in the country. However, with the legalization of Cannabis, a lot of other drugs were also legalized for recreational purposes, in certain parts of the country.

But drug driving is not only limited to usage of Cannabis because the drivers are often found intoxicated with certain other drugs as well. Some of these drugs are completely illegal and some of them are considered lawful. Along with Cannabis, soft drugs like LSD, DMT, Mescaline, Ayahuasca, Psilocybin, Iboga, MDMA, PHP and many more are found in the blood samples of these drivers.

How do drugs affect?

However, quite similar to alcohol consumption, inhalation, consumption or injecting all of these drugs into the human body affects the consciousness of that person. So, when the person has limited consciousness while driving, it could lead to fatal accidents which not only can physically harm the driver but also pose danger to public amenities as well as other individuals on the roads.

This is the reason why it is considered as a public offence, if someone uses drugs for recreational purposes and drives on the main roads and highways. However, if there is solid evidence that speaks on behalf of your case, the best traffic lawyers in Perth will be able to help you get out of the situation without a single penalty.

Is alcohol driving cases any similar to drug driving cases?

Drug driving cases are no different from alcohol driving cases however the penalties may differ to a certain extent. The reason is that alcohol consumption affects the central nervous system differently than how drugs like hallucinogens and soft drugs affect the CNS. Some drugs do not affect the system in such a way that the person poses any physical harm to himself or the public. However, driving in such a state, may lead to some issues in the road traffic and the person may tend to break some petty traffic rules.

However, there are drugs that can affect the brain cells in such a way that it poses a threat to the driver himself or herself, as well as individuals on the road. In such situations, the penalties are quite severe and in worst conditions, these drivers can often receive imprisonment sentences. Because some of these drugs have been legalized, when the blood samples are reported to the officials, the penalties ordered often differ.

However, it is still considered a legal offence against public safety and the case is treated similar to the cases of alcohol driving cases. In such situations, the drivers may receive small penalties and may have to pay compensation or fines. However, it is ideal that you hire drug driving lawyers whenever you get accused for drug driving.

How should you deal with drug driving litigation?

The first thing that you should do in case you have been involved in a drug driving case is to comply with the officials and do as per their advice. If there are reasons why you may have got involved in such a case, you will need to provide the evidence. However, in order to do all of these procedures, before speaking anything, you should contact the top rated traffic offence lawyers in Perth Australia. It is ideal that you let your lawyer speak for your case because your statements may get recorded and it may serve as evidence against your case. So, before you do anything get in touch with your lawyer. 

The traffic officials will allow you to hire a notable lawyer to defend your case and you will also be given the time to do so. You can also search for top law firms in Perth where you will get specialized lawyers who mostly deal with drug driving cases.

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