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Pomeranian Dog

The tiny Pomeranian is the cute little friends of your family. These fox type faced dogs are active, compact and capable of competing with obedience and agility or they become a simple family friend.

Although they are pure bred dogs, you can get them from the care of shelters or for the rescue groups. You can also get them from your local breed.

Poms are small breed of dogs, but they don’t behave like a small dog. They also challenge larger dogs whereas they become a good apartment pet. They bark a lot, which your neighbor finds it too thrilled.

You need to give your dog lots of exercise and playtime, make them stay away from hot weather and provide lots of love and attention. You can get an adorable, loving and a furry companion of your family.

The Pomeranian dog is easily available at your local pet shops. However, you need to make proper research on the Pomeranian dog price in India. After a thorough research go for buying it.

The Pomeranian Price in India is not equal for every region. The price varies according to the locality. Not only Pomeranian you can also get other dogs such as Labrador, German Shepherd and other dogs such as Siberian Husky Price in India. You can get all the dogs breed and their price. But you need to do some comparison before you get one for your family.

Here is a complete list of the dog breed traits and facts about your favorite Pomeranian.

  1. Apartment: Although Pomeranian dogs doesn’t stay at a hot temperature, but they easily adapt to live at any environment. The Pomeranian dogs are easily adapted to the apartment living. They can easily adapt to live at any environment. It doesn’t matter if it’s a palace, rental apartment, or an apartment.
  2. Sensitive: The Pomeranian dogs are very sensitive in nature. They easily get affected with serious health problems. Also, they get affected with the rise or decrease in temperature.
  3. Cold Weather: They can easily get adapt to a cold weather. The Pomeranian has the tendency to adapt to cold weather and manage the living.
  4. Hot Weather: The Pomeranian cannot adapt to a hot weather. Their sensitive nature makes them very sensible to a hot weather. Therefore, you need to be aware about your Pomeranian dogs temperature.
  5. Friendliness: Pomeranian are easy to become friends. They can easily become your best friends. However, they don’t adapt easily with a stranger. They take their time to get along with a stranger.
  6. Affectionate to family members: The Pomeranian dogs easily get along with family members. They are more affectionate towards family members. However, they take some time to get indulge with the family members.
  7. Friendlier with Kids: The Pomeranian are a best friend for kids. They get well along with the children. the Pomeranian are a good family pet who get well with all your family members along with the kids.
  8. Dog Friendly: A Pomeranian Dog get along with pet very easily. Pomeranian loves to play with other pets. They are a great pet who get along with family, child, and friends.
  9. Health: Pomeranian Dogs easily get affected with many health issues. These dogs get sick very easily. Due to their sensitive nature, they get sick with any unhealthy foods or weathers. They are affected easily.

These dogs need to have a regular check-up. You need to take proper care of your dogs.

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