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Jewellery you can pair well with your Kurtis

Kurtis are one amongst the most loved traditional wear among women. They are an outfit that you can wear for nearly any occasion. Be it an informal or formal event, you can wear one. Indian women love their Kurtis since they do not just look gorgeous but they are comfortable to wear too. 

To make your Kurtis even more stunning and striking, you can match them with different jewellery pieces. Some people prefer wearing heavy pieces, whilst others wish to sport simple jewellery pieces. However, there are certain jewellery pieces that you can wear to instantly alter the simple look of your Kurtis into something trendy and attractive. Here are some tips to help you accessorize the Kurtis with the best jewellery staples.  

Classy Jhumkas

No one can defy the magic charm of jhumkas. You can wear just one pair and it will literally make you gorgeous, in an instant. Jhumkas belong to the traditional earring type and are typically paired with ethnic attire. However, you can also wear them with your simple Kurti. You just need to get yourself a pair that can suit the Kurtis that you own. 

Gold Jewellery

You can always trust gold jewellery designs to be a good partner in acing your Kurti look. The versatility of gold jewellery means that you are investing your money in the best deal. 

Pretty studs

You can depend on studs, always. These are tiny and super cute and offer that elegant and beautiful vibe when you pair them with your Kurti. If you wish to look cute and pretty, you need to opt for studs to witness the magic it helps create. 

Bangle bracelets

They are one amongst the underestimated jewellery pieces that you can come across in the market. You can wear a silver bangle bracelet with a coloured Kurti. The bangle bracelets look tremendously gorgeous and help improve the simple look of your Kurti.

Silver necklace

Silver jewellery has become the latest fashion statement. When you utilize silver necklaces with a pair of Kurti and jeans, you can create several stunning ensembles.

Small pendant

A pendant can be sported with any outfit. Be it an informal or formal event, you can wear a small pendant.

Rose gold jewellery

Rose gold jewellery is trending at the moment. It wouldn’t hurt you to try it on with your Kurti. Furthermore, the thing is that it can go with nearly any skin tone and complement the person fairly well. You can choose a rose gold necklace if you are going to a wedding. 


A necklace is yet another great substitute for a pendant. If you wish to possess a bold statement look, you can opt for this jewellery piece. This suits your Kurti especially if it has a lot of embroidery work. Pick a necklace that wouldn’t just suit you but looks beautiful when you wear the Kurti as well. You should check gold price prior to choosing a necklace. 

Hoop earring

Hoop/loop earrings are one amongst the trendiest jewellery pieces. They can be sported with any kind of outfit. These earrings help offer a modern appearance with a traditional vibe. It is always best to sport them for informal occasions and events. 

Oxidized silver jewellery

Indian outfits and oxidized silver certainly complement each other so much. You cannot go wrong with it. You can layer them any way you want. There is no possibility of them getting discoloured, which makes it the ideal accessory to pair with your Kurti, every day. 

These were the jewellery staples that you should consider wearing with your Kurti to appear more beautiful. The jewellery recommendations mentioned above will aid you in accessorizing for various occasions. But, before you start buying jewellery online, you need to ensure that you opt for a reliable and authentic jewellery store to get your hands on the best jewellery for your Kurti.

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