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Is the Dinar Guru a Fraud?

by John

A few Trump supporters have started sinking their savings into the Iraqi dinar scam. This seems like a risky proposition, but there are some experts who can guide you. One such expert is the dinar guru. The guru has a website where he moderates comments and does the heavy lifting. Investing in the Iraqi dinar can be a great way to hedge against inflation. But beware of investment frauds.

Investing in the Iraqi dinar

There are many advantages to investing in the Iraqi dinar, and you may want to consider this as one of them if you are planning to retire early. This currency was almost invisible until 2007. But recent rumors of a fresh currency from Iraq shocked the world economy and prompted many investors to jump in. Recently, the Iraqi Government and Central Bank of Iraq approved a plan to launch a new currency, and the rate of investment has skyrocketed in a matter of days.

One big disadvantage of investing in the Iraqi dinar is the fact that there is no market for the currency. Because of this, you will find it harder to buy and sell them than it is to sell them. Furthermore, there is a high probability of fraud and a deteriorating political situation in Iraq. While investing in the dinar may seem like a lucrative option, you should also consider the risks and costs associated with it.

Buying shares in Dubai through dinar guru

  1. Buying shares in Dubai through Dinar Guru requires a basic understanding of the foreign exchange market and the operation of a stock exchange.
  2. It is important to know that the Dinar Guru is not affiliated with the Dubai government, but instead, is a privately owned company run by Mustafa Azablar.
  3. Even though Dinar Guru’s website refers to itself as a “fundamental analysis of the world economy,” it is best to avoid investing through such a program.

The Dinar Guru asserts that many countries in the Middle East have a valid interest in a dinar as the government of the region has been buying huge amounts of their currency in recent years to support the dinar. If the United States stops buying the dinar in the region, trading would decline. Therefore, it is best to avoid investing in the dinar until the situation improves. This is because the Dinar Guru claims the dinar is a great bargain for investors.

Investing in the Iraqi dinar as a hedge against inflation

  • The risk involved in investing in the Iraqi dinar as a ‘hedge’ against inflation is considerable.
  • The dinar’s value has been plummeting to a fraction of its value, and many Americans are buying it.
  • Yet, the risk is worth the long-term upside potential. It’s a long-term turnaround project, and thousands of Americans are putting their money at risk.
  • The Iraqi dinar is not traded on international forex markets, and it is difficult to trade in it without incurring high exchange fees.
  • Therefore, it requires patience and long-term holdings to break even.
  • However, investors can take advantage of a relatively stable currency by buying lots of dinars at a time and selling them later for a higher price.
  • Although dinars are useful for people in Iraq, they are not a good investment hedge for U.S. investors.

Avoiding investment frauds

The first thing you need to look for in a dinar guru is the legitimacy of their currency. While dinar currency is legitimate, it is essential that you conduct research to ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth. Look for a money-back guarantee and long business history. A dinar guru who promises a 1:1 exchange rate between IQD and USD is not a good investment.

Another way to spot a dinar guru is by reading his blog. He claims to be a Harvard graduate, a newshound guru, and a currency forecaster. Despite his claims, the Patriotic_mess blog has plenty of information about the dinar and even has a section where readers can ask him questions. This blog is a gold mine, but you should be cautious when making investments with anyone who claims to be an expert.

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