Is The Adult Industry Still A Billion Dollar Industry? Let’s Dig into the Insights

Is The Adult Industry Still A Billion Dollar Industry? Let’s Dig into the Insights

January 9, 2021 0 By Rahul Pandey

The adult industry market size growth continues to upscale and despite the Corona frenzy and the implications it has entailed, the adult industry has survived. 

A major reason for this is attributed to the industry’s efficient handling of the current situation, and acting cautiously when it comes to health, safety and regular operations of the adult industry in a safe space.

The adult industry is leading by complying to safety measures, stringently

It is still a billion dollar industry and in fact it leads by example, by stringently following all the safety guidelines and sanitization protocols. Whether it is the camming models performing on Naked Girls Live, or the actors filming for an adult film, Coronavirus testing, temperature check, and adherence to wearing masks, when not filming is all being followed. 

It is evident that the adult industry is vigilant enough to prepare against all the COVID-19 implications and is presenting to be a model for other businesses in terms of complying to safety measures.

Reel life imitating real life

In a live camming scenario, since the content is streamed online on the live cam sites and since there is no physical contact, the performers are circumventing the financial hit. Also there is an advent of coronavirus inspired adult content which is going viral on the internet. 

A classic example of reel life emulating real life. The takers of this strange phenomenon are not a scarce number. The appeal of this genre could be easily compared to the pull viewers feel towards edge of the seat thrillers, or horror flicks. 

Such creative takes are not only helping spread awareness around the pandemic or the quarantine situation, but also ensuring the actors, producers and studio get their paychecks coming month after month. 

A word on the naysayers 

Some may dismiss this Corona inspired adult content as silly, frivolous, or offensive content, while for some it is a novel take on the current situation which has left people bored to death and in a state of dismay. A respite for the audience who are bored (but have a robust internet connection) and the cash registers ringing in for the performers, and studios, it is a win-win situation for everyone. 

The adult industry has a high level of market share

Going by reliable sources of statistics and data, the globally widespread COVID-19 has affected the adult industry only in a positive way. The revenue is on an upward spiral. Although initially the profit margin was under pressure, as the industry operators took to ensuring safety measures, and following protocols on safety and contagion, the adult content continued to generate revenue, especially through the live streaming performances.

If the projections are to be believed, it is anticipated that the adult industry will still continue to be a billion dollar industry (despite what the naysayers would like to believe and say). The adult industry has continued to explore its potential and also expand its horizons by launching through new erotic content ideas, performances, and platforms. Besides distributing adult content to the viewers through paid membership subscriptions, the adult industry also earns profiting revenue by advertisements. 

As is evident the adult industry has a high level of market share and after this quick rundown in this article, it would be accurate to say that the adult industry is still a billion dollar industry. 

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