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If you decide to cull your old car, there are a couple of things you will need to do first. Firstly, gather all of the paperwork like the title and registration certificate.

Next, removes all your contents and personal belongings from the vehicle concerned. Once that has been handled you have 2 options to consider, selling it or junking the vehicle.

If you choose selling option at this stage you need to tidy up and take some good quality pictures of the vehicle before posting on an internet or newspaper classified ad.

So that interested buyers can get in touch with you. Scrap yards usually arrange for transportation as scrap materials and pay cash money too.

As long as they can sell them as new/old parts in their business makings overall depending on condition and mileage.

When you’re ready to get rid of your old car, there are a few things you need to do first. First, gather all the paperwork that proves you own the car including the title and registration.

Next, remove any personal belongings from the vehicle. If it’s in poor condition, clean it up and take some good quality photos. After listing it for sale online or in a classified ad.

If there’s still no interest after a month, sell your vehicle to a scrap yard and arrange for transportation of it.

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Is it worth scrapping a car?

Of course, cars grow old; they break down and are sometimes destroyed in accidents. When your car is no longer suited for driving on the road, you have to prepare it for the next stage of its life.

Before your car reaches that very last breath on the road and crashes into a tree, first take it to someone who will assess.

Whether or not there is any worth salvaging of your vehicle before taking it to a shredding process, recycling program as well!

You earn money through this process thanks to scrap cars being very versatile in how they could be used up once broken down…

The best thing you possibly can do for the environment too! When you buy a new car, the first thing on your mind is whether or not it will last.

We’re sure you want to invest in a product that will perform well and save you money over time. Unfortunately, cars do indeed grow old; some even break down and are sometimes completely destroyed as a result of accidents.

When your car reaches the end of its lifespan on the road, it may be time to start thinking about having your vehicle taken away by scrap car dealers.

Scrapping your car has several advantages; including making money while also mitigating the negative effects cars can have on the environment! Below we answer why it’s important to recycle cars when they reach their end on the road.

Scrapping a car could give you extra money

Are you looking to make some extra money on the side? Do you have an old car that should probably be put out of its misery or at least a car that you are ready to replace anyway?

If you need to make some extra cash in a hurry, don’t go spend the money on a lottery ticket, instead invest your hard earned money wisely by sending that car off to get scrapped.

That way you’ll get cash for cars and not have that thing sitting around cluttering up a parking space in your yard – because let’s face it, trying to sell an old car can be a nightmare!

Just give us a call & we’ll take care of the rest, which means no hassling with all the usual phone calls from other car scrapping places.

Getting paid by Scrap page For Cash is so easy – once you contact us we’ll pick up your car within 24hrs, pay you cash for scrap cars within days and take care of everything else for you.

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Scrapping a car is good for the environment

If you want to do something positive for the environment, then perhaps you should think about scrapping your car.

When you get rid of a car and take it to scrap yards, the metal used in creating your vehicle is often repurposed – mixed together with other metals to make something else that may not need to be created from new raw materials.

Scrapped cars can be used to reinforce the frames of buildings or structures. You can also use your old car’s metal body parts as replacement components.

if one of your newer cars needs maintenance work done on it down the road.”Let’s say you’re concerned about the environment, and here why, when your vehicle is disposed of incorrectly, it can make its way into a landfill or worse.

Illegally dumped in an ocean or in some way causes pollution. So when your car is scrapped by a scrap car dealer and recycled into metal that is used to make other products.

Such as used canned foods containers, for example, you are helping the environment because there’s no longer the need to create more metal.

By doing this people will be able to enjoy recycled food containers that would otherwise have been made from new materials that emit greenhouse gases during their creation.

Condition of the vehicle

If you’re wondering whether you should keep your scrap car or scrap it and take it down to the local scrapyard, there are a few things you need to consider.

The onus is on you to determine how much value your car has in its current condition, what kind of money other owners would want for their similar cars, and whether or not these will effectively influence your decision.

If the endgame is simply to sell or scrap anyhow. If the price isn’t worth the effort, then just take your Junker to the nearest junkyard and call it a day.

On the other hand, if it’s been years since you’ve driven that clunker around town and have had more than enough time with it while sitting in your garage collecting dust, then feel free to let that heap of metal become someone else’s problem too.

Depending on the state of your car, there are different ways to go. If your car is in good physical condition, you may want to look into trying to sell it privately.

If not, your best option would probably be selling the scrap metal on your vehicles to get the highest return for old parts. We do understand that this can be a tough decision so if you need help making a call one way or the other, please contact us.


Scrapping a car is a very common and easy way to get rid of the car. There are many types of older vehicles that are scrapped each year.

The older the vehicle is, the more likely it is to be scrapped. Different ways scrap yards can scrap a vehicle.

When it comes to deciding whether you should scrap your car or try to sell it, there are some things to consider. The most important thing to consider is how much you can sell it for.

If you can sell it for enough money to cover the costs of the repair, then it may be worth your time to go through the process of selling your car.


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