Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

Homeschooling is just like regular schooling, but not in school! Guardians can hire tutors for their children to continue their studies at home or any meeting point they plan rather than having to attend school. This is an increasing trend in many European countries.

Some people liked the way how kids were homeschooled by schools themselves in the corona period. They find it easier and more fruitful for their kids to stay at home and complete their education. But is it that rewarding and can homeschool services be a possible replacement for school? Let’s have a look at some pros and cons of the matter and help you make the decision.

Customized schedule

Homeschool services usually consider the client’s timetable for the kids. They might have flexible schedules developed for both daytime and evening classes based on what the parents like. Also, this is very helpful for children with different mental capabilities to learn at the pace they want to and only for as long as they can absorb.

But a negative aspect of customized scheduling is that kids no longer have to obey a strict time for classes which makes it very difficult for them to follow a routine of waking up early and establishing a routine throughout the day.

Customized syllabus

Usually, homeschool services have a specified syllabus for children, which is in much coherence with the ones they follow in schools. Also, it helps children with slower grabbing abilities to keep up with the formulas and other study material that they have to learn by heart. Parents can add other subjects that are not necessarily taught in schools, which can help the kids develop an interest in different practical fields like programming, creative arts, etc., and have an opportunity to learn beyond the school prescribed books.


Finances can be a positive or a negative point depending upon the homeschool services. Some people see it as a plus as they do not have to pay for the transport fee, school fee, uniform, and other demands required for school. But some may be uncomfortable because they have to buy every resource such as books, trips, activities, gadgets, everything by themselves.


This is one big flaw of homeschooling that the kid learns everything in an isolated one-on-one teaching method. This reduces his socializing, resulting in no friends and no personality building. When your child enters a school, there are numerous things he picks up from the environment that homeschool services cannot theoretically teach him. By missing school, he misses the social interaction with his age fellows, which leaves a huge gap in a child’s mental development. This makes homeschooling not a very good option.


Homeschool services are a very feasible solution if your child needs special attention or any other reason that you consider valid enough for your kid to not attend a physical school. But still, the social and educational environment that a school offers, cannot be achieved by homeschooling. Make sure you decide the best for your kid, as his future depends on the environment he grows up in. 

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