Is BlueStacks Safe and Legal for Mac and PC?

Is BlueStacks Safe and Legal for Mac and PC?

August 30, 2018 1 By Shweta Pandey

Does it happen, you fall in love with a game but cannot download it in your phone due to incompatibility of the software version. The solution is you can play these games on your pc or mac with app players or emulators. You can find various emulators in the market which allows you to play the game on your pc or mac. As you download an emulator you get the android experience in your pc. Emulators are easy to use and can give you an uneven advantage against your opponents, as you have a bigger screen, button control, better processor and hardware than the phone. You can download emulators such as blue stacks, Genymotion, MEmu, Android Studio, etc for Mac and PC. But using emulators is a dilemma in the minds of people. The question arises Is Bluestacks safe and legal? What can be dangers of using Bluestacks or other emulators?

Is bluestacks safe to use?

Is it Safe to Use Bluestacks?

Out of many emulators, BlueStacks is the most renowned name in terms of the best emulators which allow you to play android games and apps on your pc. Bluestacks is the best selling emulator in the market. It is a free Android app emulator which allows the users to have Android experience on their PC. It is extremely useful while playing Android games and developing new applications. It has become a blessing for app developers and gaming enthusiasts.

There are some key features of Bluestacks:

  • Allow android experience in pc or mac
  • No additional software is required for working
  • Almost zero lag
  • Great user interface
  • Safe and secure
  • The Fastest Mobile Gaming Platform on Earth
  • Build according to latest android version
  • Better performance than phone
  • Earn prize
  • Earn money via Bluestacks affiliate

So The Question Rise, Is Bluestacks Safe For my PC?

Everything in the world comes along with its pros and cons, so does BlueStacks. Yes, that’s true! It has a tiny set of cons too but very less if you compare to other app player or emulators.

Is bluestacks safe for my PC

The common questions that arise in the minds of the user after installing Bluestacks are regarding the safety of this emulator: Is BlueStacks Safe to use? Is it legit and legal for my PC? 

Safety is a major point of concern when you are using a third-party application. Every potential user of BlueStacks bothers on this question, will Bluestacks affect their device and software, will it corrupt their software or should Bluestacks be considered safe to use?

BlueStacks is a completely safe software which is free from viruses and malware. It has a great reputation in the market with Investments made by Samsung, Intel Qualcomm, and AMD. Therefore, from the point of safety, it is completely safe software. It collects no personal information. It only sends anonymous data statistics to its service for improving the user experience but if you are not comfortable, you can turn off the settings.

BlueStacks has the highest rate of security and privacy. Same goes with the Mac users. So, you can use Bluestacks as it is totally safe to use on pc and mac.

Is Bluestacks legit?

Yes, Bluestacks is a legit app player with more than 370 million downloads. BlueStacks works very effectively and gives an Android experience on your personal computer. It makes your computer system behave like an Android system. It is a great app player when you want to play games like Clash Royale, Asphalt 8, Metal Gear, etc.

You can also enjoy Android apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, and Snapchat. This Emulator will enable you to make WhatsApp calls from your computer. This software has been created with such expertise that it also enables users to play heavy games.

Is BlueStacks legal?

This is a predictable question as BlueStacks performs unusual actions. Bluestacks is not illegal because the Android os is available in an open-source format. BlueStacks is totally legal as it only emulates in a program and runs on a legal operating system. If one tries to emulate the hardware of a physical device, it would be illegal use of an emulator. If it is used as unaltered and intended, then it doesn’t clash with any legal policy then it does have any problem

Therefore, downloading and running apps on BlueStacks is 100% legal. It is genuinely working unlike with cheats and hack engines available on the third-party websites.

Is BlueStacks safe?

Is Bluestacks safe Reddit

There are a lot of emulators which are meant to befool the users. Emulators like Nintendo and Gameboy are illegal and in order to work, they require to include software copies of the physical game system hardware ROM. 

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Is Bluestacks Safe to download? From where to download BlueStacks for pc and mac?

Keep in mind that there are many sites which fool user by providing hacks or altered version of Bluestacks which may or may not harm your pc or mac. So to download Bluestacks you should prefer Bluestacks official site which provides the unaltered latest version of Bluestacks which is free to download and doesn’t create any problem in your PC and Mac.

Is Bluestacks safe for system performance? Does BlueStacks make your system slow?

To some extent, Yes! But it doesn’t mean that BlueStacks is unsafe. Generally, when you use such software, the hardware drivers’ working might hinder. It occurs because it conducts various background processes which slow down the system. Make sure that you download BlueStacks from its official site. Downloading it from some untrusted sites can cause a lot of loss and corrupt your device software. 

Our team, in order to make sure that BlueStacks is completely safe tried and tested it with different antivirus software. We attempted at looking for any signs of Malware and viruses. The results were completely positive and clean. We found it no signs of any disturbing elements.

Beware of that using many android apps on Bluestacks required a good amount of memory and processing power. You should download min amount of possible apps on your PC and avoid any background software for better performance.

Complaints have been received for the previous versions of BlueStacks for making the system slow. However, the company has been continuously upgrading itself. The latest version of BlueStacks is the most efficient one and it can be downloaded from the official website.

To prevent the slow working of the system make sure that you have fulfilled the Minimum system requirements to function at its best.

Is Bluestacks safe and legal?

Bluestacks For PC

BlueStacks required at least 2 GB of RAM and 4 GB of disk space a GPU  and direct x version higher than v9.0.

Bluestacks for Mac

BlueStacks required at least 4 GB of RAM and 4 GB of disk space.

 Make sure that your computer does not have any virus. To avoid system delay, take the following steps:

  • Allocate more RAM in the system settings
  • Update the graphics drivers to the optimum
  • Keep the applications running in the background shut
  • Check the settings to figure out what is making your system laggy

And from our testing for a long time, we conclude that Bluestacks is safe for system performance and it’s working and app player doesn’t cause any problem to your system if you download it from the correct Bluestacks official Website.

How to keep your system safe from Bluestacks?

To avoid any kind of risk, one must download BlueStacks from its official site. Downloading it from a third party site is strictly a ‘NO’. Third-party Site possesses a threat to the security of your system.

Are there more emulators as safe as Bluestack?

There are very few emulators which are as safe as Bluestacks. If there are such emulators then they allow only specific games such as ‘Tencent’s player unknown battleground’ which only allow a battle royal game.

Updated versions of Bluestacks are available in markets such as Bluestacks 2, Bluestacks 3, Bluestacks 4, etc. which are as safe as original Bluestacks emulator and provide a great Android experience on your PC or Mac.

  • Bluestacks 2

Bluestacks 2 is launched in 2015 which allow the user to run multiple android apps at the same time. Which was great at that time as no other emulator provide that feature with that high level of safety and such a good performance?

  • Bluestacks 3

Bluestacks 3 is launched in 2017 with a new engine and brand new front end design. It also includes the app center which provides feature such as game suggestion, account system, chat, etc.

  • Bluestacks 4

Bluestacks 4 is launched in 2018 which was 6-8x faster than most of the major flagship phone in the market according to the well-known benchmark site. it is powered with new AI and key mapping tools.

And there is also a TV version known as Bluestack TV which allows the user to watch directly into the Bluestacks app player and later update provide Facebook streaming service also.

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Is Bluestacks any good now?

Yes, Bluestacks is worth using as it a complete package which gives an android experience with well build the user interface in your pc or mac. And the best part is that it is totally free and doesn’t require any skill to operate the software

Is WhatsApp on Bluestacks safe?

Using Whatsapp on Bluestacks app player is totally safe as the company doesn’t store or save any kind of date from the user. If in case you feel that it is not safe to use Whatsapp on Bluestacks then you can use Whatsapp web on chrome or any other browser by scanning QR code from the web and you are set to use WhatsApp on pc or mac.

Steps to download and install BlueStacks:

  1. Search Bluestacks on the Google search bar
  2. Click the Bluestacks website which is at the top of Google search result
  3. Website will open then just click on the download
  4. Exe file will start downloading
  5. When the file download click on the file and install Bluestacks
  6. After complete installation, your emulator is ready to use
  7. Simple install the app from the store and enjoy the android experience on emulator

If you still doubt the safety and legitimacy of Bluestacks then you can check reviews of millions of people using Bluestacks on a daily basis. You can check out Bluestacks Reddit page where people all around the world are asking the question and giving their reviews and opinion on Bluestacks.

Is Bluestacks Safe?

Bluestacks review about its safety and legitimacy

Final thoughts

BlueStacks 4 is one of the major steps when it comes to Android emulation. Now with the latest update is multiple times faster than most of the high-end flagship phones. 

The feature like a simplified interface, additions of customizable gaming controls, and the addition of the ability to run multiple apps or games at the same time all create an excellent experience for Android on your PC and Mac.

The latest version BlueStacks 4 still had some performance issues from time to time during our testing but I think it is a remarkable value considering that it’s free. It is totally surprising that you can get this level of emulation for totally free with such feature and you can also earn by using Blue stacks app player as it gives point on playing or sharing app player with your unique code those points can be redeemable into prizes for more earning you can you use Blue stacks affiliation. Bluestacks is an amazing application for playing powerful strategy games such as coin master game.


We have used a lot of emulator in these past years and Bluestacks is one of the most stable ones. There are very minor hiccups during usage otherwise it is the best and safest emulator and Bluestacks is completely free of cost. 

Therefore, after all the discussion one can be aware of the safety aspects of BlueStacks.

The final answer to the question ‘Is BlueStacks Safe for my PC? ‘

Yes! It is completely safe to use Bluestacks when you download it from the official website with proper guidance and without any third-party mods.

We hope this article gives you a clear perception of Bluestacks. Let us know about your gaming experience with the Bluestacks app player and which game do you like to play on the emulator in the comment section.  Thanks for reading!! Stay Tuned at for more posts related to apps and latest technology updates

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