Is 13 Reasons Why Season 2 Worth Watching?

Is 13 Reasons Why Season 2 Worth Watching?

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 It is surprising for most of the people that why the second season of the show 13 reasons why exists at all? It is a fictional series completely based on sexual assault, physical abuse, substantial abuse and rape. 13 reasons why season 1 was released on March 31 2017 and it drew the attention of many teenagers and adults about how the life of a teenager revolves in his/her mind and how the society sees it. The story revolves about a teenage girl Hannah Baker who is in her high school. She commits suicide and leaves behind a series of 13 tapes revealing the mystery of her suicide.

 13 Reason Why

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13 reasons why season 1!

Season 1 of the drama was solely based on why Hannah Baker committed suicide. All the tapes revealed that the way she was treated by her school mates like Jessica Davis, Bryce walker, Alex Standall and Justin Foley made her feel like her existence had no meaning. For the mates it was just a casual act of making fun of someone and bullying but for Hannah it was the spoiling of her High school Image. In high school the mind of the teen revolves about fame, attention and all. Hannah was getting attention but that was in a negative sense which made her feel shameful and awful. She states in the last tape that everybody cared but nobody cared enough. And the ignorance of the society towards her feelings and emotions made her to make such an act. The story also revealed the life style of different sorts of teenager. Like Tyler and Clay Jensen both were descent guys whom Hannah liked but they also searched for happiness and all. In teenage, it feels that everything will seem for forever and it is the front part of the brain that makes it feel that the feeling will last forever. So guys 13 reasons why season 1 ended with the parents knowing the truth of tapes and Hannah baker committed suicide. The climax was over, inside everyone wanted that she may survive in the end or it was just a drama but the truth was she was dead and marked the end of the story. But the point is when she was dead the truth was there the message was given to the society then why was the need for season 2? Is the second season of 13 reasons why just an extension of the first seasons to extent the drama? Will it continue with the story of Jessica Davis who was also raped by Bryce Walker? At the end will it be worth watching this season or it is just a modified story of Hannah Baker in name of Jessica Davis?


13 Reason Why13 reasons why season 2 theme

13 reasons why season 2 begins with the testimony of the school mates of Hannah Baker, 5 months after her suicide! It proves out that this High school was the most dramatic high school in the world. The second season brings out more violent acts, cyber bullying acts. It also shows a broader view of rapists, more car accidents and secret relations. Many of the things are shown as a flash back and the viewer has to believe that the tapes were edited by TONY and many depressive and suicidal cases were also prevailing when she was alive. They were just exposed when she died. In the mean while Clay just begins to see the ghost of Hannah baker and starts talking to her. Hannah’s parents on the other hand are determined to know the give justice to their daughter no matter whatever they have to face.

On the other hand clay is determined to bring justice to Hannah and other rape victims and do the things that the law suit cannot. Meanwhile Bryce takes the advantage of another girl and rapes her. Being the son of a known father and a famous basketball player, Bryce takes the advantage and is safe from all the allegations put on him. The season 2 also focuses on how white boys take the privelage of their colour and the other colour is victimised. Jessica also refuses to tell the name of her victim who raped her as she is scared and devastated.

The show also depicts how young boys get hard at public places, at wrong times they get aroused, premature ejaculation and how they frequently lose their erections. This shows how they have lost their control on the mind and their over obsession with sex. Their mind is constantly revolving around sex.

New characters in season 2:

13 Reason WhyThere will be total 11 new characters:

  1. Bryce Casse
  2. Anne Winters
  3. Chelsea Alden
  4. Samantha Logan
  5. Terra Nova
  6. Kelli O’Hara
  7. Ben Lawson

And more

Will Hannah be in 13 reasons why season 2?

One thing was not clear even by the end that who was responsible for the death of Hannah Baker. Was it the school and its irresponsibity? Was it completely Bryce and the school mates of Hannah? All the secrets will be uncovered in the testimony in the court where all the mates of Hannah try to cover up the conspiracy. Hannah in season 2 will be a lot different than in season one stated by Katherine Langford in one of her tweets. As only parts of Hannah’s life was revealed in season one you will see a lot of flash backs. Also Hannah appears as a ghost in season 2 depicting to her friends the limitations of death. Her mother will portray her relationship with different kids trying to understand their problem. However the producer of the show Selena Gomez is determined to depict the harsh part of the society and having a hard conversation with the world about topics like sexual abuse, rape and suicide whether it is criticised or liked.

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As the novel by Jay Asher on 13 reasons ended with the suicide of Hannah the second season of 13 reasons why a new and different story is completely! It will portray the situations of other friends of Hannah and about their lives, depression and rape cases. There are even new theories about suicide by Alex Standall that will he survive? If yes than will it bring a twist as he knew many secrets of Hannah. So guys to explore more you must go for this thrilling show and watch the complete 13 REASONS WHY SEASON 2.

 13 Reason Why


Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) season 2 interview

Ellen Show Katherine Langford and Dylan Minnette

Official interview of Jessica Davis for 13 reasons why season 2.


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