The Amazing Advantages of Having Indoor Plants in Your Home


Are you sick of staring at walls all day? The decorative items seem like a pain to choose and set and clean to you? Are you on the plants-mom teams? Well, to be honest, plants do provide a vast number of benefits in improving your household’s air quality and purity.

The plants not only ramp up the decor but also have health benefits- they help to release stress, improve blood pressure and heart rate. When locked indoors amidst a pandemic, I am sure that these perks will be handy for all of us. The Delhi Property Rates fall under a reasonable price and ensure that the homes you make have enough space for you to fill it up with indoor plants and make it attractive. 

If you’re convinced to try out your new gardening tools already but don’t know where to start, here is a list of 10 indoor plants and the perks they will bring to your home!

1.Golden Pothos

This hardy plant is very common in houses. Though it isn’t one of the strongest air purifiers, it is easy to care for and will prove to be a good one to start your plant collection with.

2.English Ivy

This plant will add that cottage-core charm to your house while also absorbing mold in the air!  This plant love sunlight so keep it somewhere sunny where its soil will stay slightly dry!

3.Boston Fern

Ferns are one of the most amazing natural purifiers of air. What’s more? They are really easy to take care of. In fact. The ferns are able to absorb the dirt materials and other disinfecting particles from the air, and in unr, consume them by turning them into useful materials.

4.Peace Lily

If you do not want too bright colors but still want a flowering plant, then peace lily is the one for you. This natural air-purifier doesn’t like the sun and prefers shade. It will thrive well even if your apartment does not get a huge share of natural sunlight.

5.Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is now literally hailed as a miracle plants for its range of benefits for the human body. The Aloe Vera plats are known to grow very rapidly, and are also very useful when it comes to purifying the air in an enclosed indoor space.This will give you free raw material to try all sorts of DIYs, be it a face mask, hair conditioner, or aloe vera brownies!

6.Snake Plant

These too grow easily and purify the air. I love the quirky shapes of its leaves! If beauty and functionality had a kid, this plants is it!

7.Rubber Plant

This is a slightly larger plants but it is not as difficult to care for. So if you are looking for some big leaves to adorn your living room, this plants is perfect.


Just like the snake plants, they too produce oxygen at night. Having this plants in your bedroom would be like having Mother Nature sing you a lullaby to sleep every night!


Azaleas will add a pop of color to your house and also help in purifying the air. Azalea’s however need to be taken serious care of; these flowers usually thrive in a humid environment, and thus need to be handled with care.

10.Mass Cane

Also known as the corn plants, it grows slowly and is low maintenance, making it a popular choice for ramping up offices and houses!

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