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Virat Kohli is a very expressive cricketer. Whether he is happy, angry disappointed, or excited, Kohli chooses to show his emotions vividly on the field rather than keeping them in. 

The former Indian captain has always been a center of criticism for being too expressive. Experts have always predicted that Virat Kohli’s actions may sometime backfire. Nonetheless, the expressive cricketer was once again in the limelight in the final Test against India when he lashed out at Srikar Bharat for what he did. 

What did Bharat do? 

According to the During the 71st over of the innings, Usman Khawaja faced a bouncer delivery from the Indian fast bowler Mohammed Shami. Khawaja instinctively ducked under the delivery, and the ball was collected by the Indian wicket-keeper, KS Bharat. 

However, rather than just holding onto the ball, Bharat made an unnecessary throw toward the stumps, apparently trying to catch Khawaja off guard and score a runout. The ball missed the stumps and hit Khawaja on the body while he was still safely within his crease.

The incident was met with a bit of controversy, as some viewers and commentators criticized Bharat’s actions as unsportsmanlike. The general consensus was that the throw was unnecessary and that Khawaja was in no danger of being run out.

After KS Bharat made the unnecessary throw toward the stumps Virat Kohli was visibly angry and expressed his frustration towards the wicketkeeper. Kohli felt that the throw was not needed and was an act of poor sportsmanship. 

Bharat quickly realized his mistake and went over to Khawaja to apologize for his actions. It was clear that he had not intended to harm the batsman and was just caught up in the heat of the moment.

Even Rohit Sharma, the Indian team’s captain, was unimpressed with Bharat’s casual approach to the game. Sharma, known for his strict discipline, expects a higher level of professionalism from the Indian players, especially on the field. 

Bharat’s wicketkeeping came under scrutiny on day one of the match when he dropped a catch offered by Travis Head, the Australian batsman. He also gave away a few byes, which further added to his struggles behind the stumps. Overall, it was a forgettable day for Bharat, as his mistakes were heavily criticized by fans and commentators alike. With the way the Australians have started the fourth test, theeavily in favor of the visitors.

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