7 Best Apps For: In App Purchase Hack Android Online Games

7 Best Apps For: In App Purchase Hack Android Online Games

August 11, 2018 53 By Tech Junkie

As the use of Android phones is increasing day by day, the craze of android games is also increasing at a tremendous rate. More and more people are involving and playing these games. In Android, these games can be downloaded from the google play store. Now you all must be aware of the in-app purchase feature of the google play store. People search for how to get free in-app purchases for android yet never get a straight forward solution. Today I’m gonna tell you some amazing apps for in app purchase hack android online games.

Mini racing is a fun game but we all know that the cool and awesome cars are locked and we have to play cross some hard levels to achieve those awesome cars but the way is long and believe me you don’t want to waste your time in playing upgrading. The thing is there are many ways to play games in awesome ways just imagine you are at the beginners level and playing that game moon rover the fun is too much and your game will be lit.

Now the question arises how would you/I do that? How in the world would anyone do that?

The answer is in-app purchase hack android online games.

These are the apps which modify the game files in their root folder and manipulate the data. They update those files and unlock the locked content. These are the few apps which helps you along  miningwatchdog.com the way to get these things :


This application is a boon to newbies who want to do things but don’t have much knowledge to do it.

in app purchase hack android online games

Pros of this apps are :

  1. Easy interface
  2. Simple drop-down menu
  3. No extra files or trash file generated
  4. The application does sorts of things easily.
  5. In-app purchase can be removed.
  6. Games can be modified in many ways.

Cons are :

  1. Root required
  2. The paid version is a bit better than the free one.
  3. Presence of few in-app bugs
in app purchase hack android online games

Click Here to download: Lucky Patcher



This is an amazing app :


  1. Simple User-friendly menu.
  2. Modification can be done according to user
  3. Many features are there that do not require root access.
  4. The best alternative for play store.


This app does not get regular updates. This is the only problem otherwise it is a great app.

Click here to download: tweakbox

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Freedom, as the name says, it gives you the freedom to download any android app’s in-app purchase.

in app purchase hack android online games

Pros :

  1. By using freedom, you can get the in-app purchase of an app for free.
  2. You can get the ad-free version of an app if it is available. You can even get the upgrades in games using the freedom app.
  3. Presence of many features that don’t require root access.


  1. Your Android must be rooted for using Freedom app to hack in-app Android purchases.

Click here to download: Freedom

CreeHack :

CreeHack is another good application to get the free in-app purchase of any game and update to the maximum level.

in app purchase hack android online games

Pros :

  1. Most of the popular games can be cracked by CreeHack.
  2. It works only on the selected games and not for applications. However, the list of the games on which CreeHack can be applied is long and all the popular games are on this list.
  3. Small size application that’s why to install fast and work fast.
  4. Able to bypass app payments.
  5. Open-source software.


  1. CreeHack makes available all resources which makes your game less challenging or boring.

Click here to download: CreeHack

Leo Playcard:

Leo play card is another application which helps you to get paid resources for free. The paid version is bit good then the free one but still, there is the presence of a few bugs in the application.

in app purchase hack android online games


  1. No root required for in-app purchase hacks.
  2. Most of the applications are supported.
  3. Free of cost.
  4. Simple GUI


  1. Does not support online games.

Click here to download: Leo Playcard

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Game Guardian App:

This amazing app allows you to hack/alter your android games in no time. You can increase your money, gems, SP, HP and modify other aspects of your game.

in app purchase hack android online games


  1. Intuitive and easy to use interface.
  2. Allows you to perform explicit functions.
  3. Supports over 90 languages.
  4. Free of cost.


  1. Also, a cheat app like others makes your favorite game less challenging/boring.
  2. Requires root access.

Click here to download: Game Guardian

Cheat Engine

Cheat Engine is one of the best application available on the web. It can alter almost any game, letting you get unlimited resources in your game.

in app purchase hack android online games


  1. Can be connected to the local or remote process through IP(Internet Protocol)
  2. Both read-only and page memory can be scanned.
  3. The process, Applications can be selected through a simple drop-down menu.
  4. Open Source software
  5. Free to download


  1. This application Features a memory viewer due to that some RAM is required when zoomed out.
  2. Root access required.
  3. Requires a P.C ( personal computer).
  4. Can only be run on a computer.

Click here to download: Cheat Engine

Final Words

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These were some of the best applications for in-app purchase hack android online games which I have personally used and now recommending to all the android games lovers out there.

I hope you find this article helpful.

Stay tuned at dailyjunkies.com for more posts related latest games and apps.


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